Sunday, February 28, 2016

Amazing Contrast of Ceylon

Amazing Contrast of Ceylon
I have just completed a book on Ceylon.
It describes the amazing beauty with so many rivers and waterfalls.
I have discussed the plight of our wild elephants briefly, where Buddhist monks who preach Avihinsa (Metta) are involved in this illicit trade of Baby Elephants Trade.
Not only monks but some lower court judges involved.
Toady I met my pharmacist who happened to be a Tamil gentleman.
He told me he was fined Rs.25,000/= without any hearing after a visit by the Flying Squad.
Offense was having in the shelf for disposal, 5 tablets of date expired medicine.

There was no legal transaction at all.

I can bet there is not a single pharmacy in this country, not having drugs with expiry date in their shelves (including Government Stores).

What is illegal is selling them not keeping it in a side shelf for safe disposal.

This Tamil gentleman was wrongfully fined.

Whereas a monk who possessed illegally a baby elephant is protected.

The corollary is, a Buddhist can violate common law with impunity but not a Tamil Hindu.

This is why I am against giving special status to Buddhism in the Constitution.

It is the duty of the monks to protect the Dhamma, not Baby Elephants illegally captured.

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