Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Limits of our measurements IN SPACE

Limits of our measurements IN SPACE
Good example to use the analogy of compound microscope to view particles smaller than the wavelength of the light.
It fails so we have to use electron microscope, thin slides and negative images to visualize smaller molecules in viruses. 

This can be stretch beyond the particle size of atomic levels, using suitable electromagnetic fields to guide a particle smaller than electron to measure subatomic particles in real time instead of using destructive particle collusion in a particle accelerator.

Telescope also has the similar limitation.

Some of its limitations were overcome by bypassing the interference zone in our outer atmosphere.

This limitation applies to light traveling from distant galaxies.
It has the limitation which the "Big Bang Theory is engulf in. 

Time Zero had to coined to begin the concept and Time Zone had to be designed to declare the outer limit of our universe.

What ever the measurement instruments of matter we will use we have a hazy zone and limitations.

That handicap should not used to get us trapped in what is called the confirmation bias in philosophy.

We get trapped and engulfed by the same old theory.

This is the very reason I am attacking the “Big Bang Theory’ from inside and outside.

We are becoming comfortable with the confirmation bias and that retard the formation and testing of new theories.

What about the things that cannot be measured?

Should we surrender our thoughts in suspense or let our imagination run riot.

In that sense dark matter is a solid case in point to ponder. 
Fact that we cannot see dark matter should be the driving force for deeper investigation.

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