Sunday, October 4, 2015

F-Droid and Mobiles

F-Droid and Mobiles
I seem to look like I have missed the bus as regard to the world.
There is a reason for it.
Coming from Linux base, I even did not like Android since it was proprietary.
Like Microsoft it flooded the market leaving behind alternative Linux Os far behind.
Ubuntu failed in its crowd finding of the Mobile Phone but it has put out Ubuntu Touch which the next best alternative OS, currently.
I was hopeful on Firefox Os and its phone but it is going through the teething phase.
There is Replicant of Gnome base that is making giant strides.
What is interesting in Replicant it is able crack a proprietary phone and install it instead.
It took a long time for the CyanogenMod come to roost.
Replicant is CyanogenMod minus proprietary components. There is Sailfish but none of them could match the Android currently.
Using a Rootkit to crack a proprietary phone may be costly and one loses the warranty.
Until then we have F-Droid, F stand for freedom dishing out over 1500 open source packages that work on Androids.
As at present, the mobile is a mini computer.
One should have the freedom to use the way one uses a computer.
I consider the mobile phone as a cloud client, almost all the Androids can be hacked and vulnerable.
So vulnerability can be eliminated by using the cloud.
Mind you cloud also can be attacked.
To use the mobile as a cloud client we need a light weight browser.
I am glad to say there is one open source browser called Lightening which is faster than any currently available browsers.
I am bit rusty on all these issues but Linux Magazine is doing a great job by having very illuminating articles.
I hope they would do a magazine dedicated to Mobiles by December.
That is the time everybody thinks of a new mobile or or a spare one or a Tablet.
If you do so please make sure or demand them to provide you security packages / virus guards.
I am writing a book (not related to mobiles and Linux) and I won't be doing any in depth study, till I finish it.

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