Sunday, July 26, 2015

Android Applications for Blogger

 Android Applications for Blogger

This was posted on mobile and later edited by my OLD IBM which is about to pack up after years of dedicated service.

I am just picking up with the mobile world.
I  had a tablet for over few years but I never used it.
Many reasons.
Small font.
Touch system.
Difficult to wean off from the desktop and  keyboard.
Cost of SIMS.
General apathy for change from old ways and systems.
Mastering Virtual Keyboard.

Freedom of mobility and blogging on the go OR on the fly is something, that I cannot ignore anymore.

I have already posted one from my  tablet and this is the second.
This I am doing with nearly 5 MiB Blogger Utility for Androids.
I  am beginning to love the new experience in spite of the small fonts.
I love the small utilities.
SWIPE is one of them even though it is very nosey of your activities.
The real reason is if I DELAY this with old age and poor vision, I will never be independent like a young blood.
Yes mastering these little techniques make me feel young.
Thank you guys and girls at Blogger and Google.
Android is a winner after all and Windows is trying to catch up.

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