Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Debian 8.1.0 is OUT=Update

Debian 8.1.0 Update
This is to report that I have downloaded and installed Debian in my old IBM and it configured my system correctly in spite of me having a hard disk which might fail at any moment (hard disk problem with problem with master boot record).
This is the beauty of Linux it can boot up from any partition.
What I do now is to boot from a DVD and search (get) the grub file and boot various distributions, I have installed.
Debian 8 is different.
It reminds me of the old time SuSe which lets you install several desktops.
I have installed gnome (the new gnome is elgent and it has classic version too), KDE plasma and LXDE.
If you have mastered Knoppix (read my blog post) the next thing you ought do is to install Debian.
It has individual desktop versions too.
I have downloaded them too.
I received the Linux Magazine yesterday but its DVD had Debian 8 without updates.
Internet is moving very fast the print media cannot keep pace with.
Make sure you install while connected to the Internet.
It was breezy installation.
Unlike the Chinthanaya Regime which used to listen to our private telephones and tap into our emails with very slow internet, thanks to our Election commissioner who got the Telecoms to upgrade the service, the internet is breezy and fast.
Downloading and installing took little over one hour.
Enjoy Linux freedom.

Debian 8.1.0 is OUT
Debian 8.1.0 is out with some
It has all the versions from standard to specific desktops by torrent for all the architectures including Apple MaC-PPCI am currently downloading LXDE and Gnome desktop versions.
Current Linux Magazine I got today has Debian 8 and Ubuntu 15.04.
Thanks guys and girl for all the hard work.

Make sure YOU download and become a seeder.

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