Saturday, June 13, 2015

Castrated Constitution

Castrated Constitution,
Consequential Presidency,
Conditioned hellhole assembly,
Confused Constituency,
Country void of scientific philosophers
Wasting the golden opportunity
For the vision of the 21st century
Are the manifestation of
Senile politicians bickering 
For power
That brings nothing 
But Momentary Insanity
To our Body Politics 

Bugger the constitution 
Which buggered us
For 38 years
With a tool called
Two third majority

And another tool called

Referendum which is not worth

The ballot it is printed on

And casting a vote on it

Is a colossal waste

On the common sense

Of not so common voter behaviour

Which is flimsy and fragile

And evaporating by the minute

With very poor and

Lasting memory in store

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