Monday, June 26, 2017

Essence of Buddhism

Essence of Buddhism

Buddha’s teaching was memorized (nearly five hundred years), scrutinized (various councils), classified (Abhidhamma) later in book form (Ola leaves) to present form.

One has to believe that less than 20% of the original teaching remains to this day.

I believe less than 1% of the textural content is necessary for the true understanding of the Dhamma.

Dhamma is not a scholarly (waste of precise time) exercise or pondering on matter or mind.

Appamado (do not waste time) Amata Padam!

Ekayana Maggo -One Way Only-Traffic!

It is all about “Taming the Mind” of all distractions. 

The way forward is meditative attention to being of existence (more of mind than matter).

Only the Mindful guys and girls would reap its benefits.

I do not believe that he wasted his time on exegesis.

In fact, scholarly guys (girls) would faulter while simple mindful guy (girl) would prosper!

He actually made it simple for even an ordinary guy with ordinary mind to comprehend its desired goal.

In that sense Dhammapada should be one’s guide and inspiration.

What I mean is, if one delves into Abhdhamma in a scholarly intent he or she will get entangled, not disentangled.

This is where other faiths fail since their Dogmas and Doctrines are rigid, exclusive and not inclusive of all Mankind.

Dhamma is for disentanglement from the deeply entrenched entanglement (attachment to the Wrong View or Dogma).

Be mindful and be simple minded and reject all dogmas that has no substance but Hate.

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