Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trumping Trump

Trumping Trump
I had the forgone conclusion that Trump would win.
It was more intuition rather than political wisdom.
My only worry at the beginning of it was, how can the world would stand up to the real politics with three women heading three strategically important states (UK, Germany and if USA).
We in this region proved women are inconsistent and emotional.
Indira Gandhi wanted to run it like “a kitchen cabinet” and created LTTE with the help of RAW.
Our lady did not stand up to the real threat and was puppet on a string of Gandhi regime.
Ultimately she sacrificed her life to Sikh's rebellion (would have been USA behind this) and unlucky Rajive too.
That was due to pavans raping our Tamil sisters.
I was in Colombo and over 1000 came to Colombo in a month for abortions.
I was not a part to any (abortions are illegal in this country) of these abortion clinics but I knew it was a trade in Colombo and Negambo then.
My view about abortions is that it should be left to the mother (married or not is irrelevant) who was molested by young rowdies.
Current population is over and above the amount the mother earth can support locally and internationally.
Unfortunately abortion is sometime the only option available.
China did this on One Child mentality.
Trump will by his gestures would not tolerate abortions.
I go for ZERO population growth, the third child born is unwanted and unwelcome by the mother earth.
My view is not as extreme as Chinese political wisdom.
Any elaboration is unwarranted politically but this trade has blossomed into illegal organ stealing even from infants (read my baby killers piece).
Our lady was ousted by more than two third majority since her allies, the Left could not provide daily bread to the masses.
I had to eat manioc provided by my midwife where I worked.
Milk rice was a delicacy then.
There were killing in bread queues.
Where I live is one place one death resulted, a Muslim guy was killed and his son is a three wheel driver currently.
Our two ladies failed and I think two ladies in UK and Germany would follow our tradition and fail.
Now if TRUMP fails with his rhetorical, we can say all politicians are a liability.
Lot to learn and little to practise left then.