Sunday, September 25, 2016

What has happened to our (Short Eats) Food Industry?

What has happened to our (Short Eats) Food Industry? 
With lot of tourist coming to Ceylon, they love our delicacies food and this piece is current and relevant.

Yesterday I found a foreign tourist looking for Kassipu.

I do not think he will come back.

It is afflicted by the "Seven Deadly Diseases"  mentioned by the “Quality Guru”, W. Edwards Deming.

Let me be brief about his impact on industry and the service sector.
His power of non judgemental analysis and the statistical prowess in doing so made him famous in Japan.
He laid the foundation for post war recovery of Japan and its rise as an industrial country.

He was ignored by the Americans till late eighties and he was honoured after his death. 

This piece is about our retail food outlets, especially in Kandy not about any industry.

It is a waste of time talking about Colombo food habits.

Kandy food vendors were known for good quality food except of course during Sirimavo’s time.

It was good until latter few years of Mahinda regime when it started coming down.

Let me give few examples.

1. “Parrippu Wade” was of good size and one would fill your tommy.

2. “Umbalakada Wade” was fabulous even during war time.
There was a big sized Umbalakada (Maldive Fish).

3. Egg roll had a full egg.

4. Sandwich had enough cheese and butter.

5. Banana cake was fabulous.

6. Tea was of good quality.

7. Coffee was excellent.

8. Pol Sambol had Umbalakada and real chillies.

9. Thala Guli had real Thala (Gingerly Seed).

10. Kithul Hakuru and treacle were out of heaven.

I have stopped drinking OUR liqueur in mid nineteen eighties, when I realized all were adulterated including toddy.

I have to refrain from talking about milk rice, Aggala Kavums and few more items.

Home made stuff became commercial entities and I stopped eating them.

What happened towards the end of the regime,

I will give an indication.

The wade started becoming smaller and flatter.

“Suduru” disappeared.

Umbalakada became lean.

Egg became half and later quarter and still later tiny bit smashed in.

No spices at all but a rotten piece of chili without (only the covering) seeds.

Then we got rid of the regime and for about six months the food quality went up marvellously.

Then with the Coalition government well established, the rot and the food quality started going down.

I think this is a deliberate ploy spearheaded by Mahinda Golays and Balayas, within the regime.

My latest grouse is, I bring some cooked fish for my dog.
The portion has become very small and there is hardly any meat but bones (I remove them thinking my blind dog will choke).

He is just close by me and I haven't got any to give.

Kiri Hodda is dilute and no spices except lot of Karapincha.

I think we should start burning Karapincha with a bit of chillies to get the devil out of the current flamboyant system.

W. Edwards Deming
The "Seven Deadly Diseases" include:
    1. Lack of constancy of purpose
    2. Emphasis on short-term profits
    3. Evaluation by performance, merit rating, or annual review of performance
    4. Mobility of management
    5. Running a company on visible figures alone
    6. Excessive medical costs
    7. Excessive costs of warranty, fueled by lawyers who work for contingency fees