Friday, July 22, 2016

New Threat, Violence and Emerging Trends in the Muslim World

New Threat, Violence and Emerging Trends in the Muslim World

With the emergence of the IS and declaration of Caliphate, the entire world has awakened to the reality how a blind faith (of any religion) can twist the minds of young ones.

The line between the spiritualism and fanaticism has blurred.

Over asceticism, the barbarism has trumped.

The Time Bomb has exploded.

Let me be clear.

I believe the world without any religion is a better place to live.

Mankind can be better served by freedom of expression rather than submission to a rigid faith.

From Bible War to the present day violence form of conflict resolution was the order of the day.

This tiny country was a living example and after the end of civil war we did not become experts in conflict resolution.

We continued on the same old tradition of delaying the inevitable.

Violence and terrorism.

Only Nelson Mandela and Clerk De Kerk showed the way forward but rapidly forgotten in the Muslim World. 

Can we make any comparison?

Yes we can.

1. Population expansion.

2. Demographically young population.

3. Lack of astute leadership (emergence of wrong leadership) and no respect for older generation.

4. Breakdown in education system (one language, one religion, segregation of students on the basis of religion or ethnicity in rural settings).

5. Unemployment of educated (graduates) youth.

6. Poor governance

7. Corruption of politicians and administrative officers

8. Religious extremism

9. Breakdown in Judicial systems

10. Power of social media

The list can go on.
All these are manifestly apparent in the some countries of the Muslim World.

They are the breeding ground for foreign travelers becoming the next wave of violent terrorists.

Above all it is the Social Media that perpetuate this malady which was not
evident when our problem was at its peak.

Who says Web is neutral and peaceful.

It is an inferno.

I rather prefer digging into alien invasions from the outer world.

Then we can get together and defend our mother earth from alien domination.

But my personal interest is emerging science and not religion at all.
The religion has not served any purpose or progress to my life but science DID.