Sunday, March 27, 2016

How to demote Race, Religion and Language in Disciplines of Intellectual Inquiry - Sphere?

How to demote Race, Religion and Language in Disciplines of  Intellectual Inquiry - Sphere?

1. Philosophy is the first order Discipline in mans history.

2. Science came as a second order discipline after years of suppression (Even the great scientist of the Middle Age had to survive-some were behead by the Church-such a nasty institution it was) by the third order discipline, the religion.

3.The third order discipline is religion.

4. The fourth order of discipline is race and or language.

None of the above can bring order to society.
Essentially because the human being is a disorderly even if he/she is not a terrorist.

So we need law and order not manged by a king or a queen but by popular democracy.

The vibrant democracy (with some form of deterrent)  is the way forward for 21st century..

The universal franchise is the birth right.
We cannot let any terror group including ISIS to exist in this century.
This applies to Mosads and to Palestinians.