Thursday, March 3, 2016

Redesigning the Ballot Paper

Redesigning the Ballot Paper

I need to pen this down before I move into other topics.

1. I believe in One Man One Vote.

I do not AGREE with Multiple Votes (exceeding the Total Population by a factor of THREE by JRJs Vijja- Not ViJaMus Vijja).

There is a caveat in this One Man One Vote with polling regions allocated to Local (Electorate) and Regional (Province) Blocks.

2. I do not agree with the Party Boss Selecting Regional members from a List (not Voted in by the voter).

They are not answerable to the Voter but the Party.

One good example of a misfit in Politics and Legal Matters is JLP.

How can we ameliorate this problem.

I have a suggestion which can be be refined using the BRAIN of Mahinda Deshapriya, our former Commissioner of Elections.

Suppose we have 50 seats for a region.

10% can be elected by Proportionate Representation.

That means 5 seats not based on Electorates.

45 members are selected from the 45 electorates.

In the preset system there are ONLY 45 numbers (eligible Candidates to select).

The voter will have to select one from 1 to 45 numbers.

The other five is from the Party List.

Suppose we have 50 instead of the 45 in the ballot paper.
It will add to the size of the ballot pater will be like a Newspaper.

First 45 will be based on the electorate and the numbers from 46 to 50 do not have an electorate to go by but Represent the Regional Representation (member).

This gives the option to the VOTER to DROP the electoral member, especially if the candidate representing the party is a DRUG LORD and vote for a reasonable one from the LIST Members.

He has FIVE more Options in addition to Local member which he/she has to drop BUT the voter can choose ONLY one from the last five numbers.

Bottom line is this does not violate the One Man One Vote.
This has a little caveat.
In the final count five electorates might not have a voted member by chance. In that case the Party Leader can allocate a member from the List already elected for the electorate missing member.
He has dual responsibility and given time become a National Figure by the popularity.