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Astrology, Astrophysics and switching of Time Dimension

Astrology, Astrophysics and switching of Time Dimension

Sri-Lankans are are known for time wasting. 
Even the nature's call of poor gecko (hoona) is not spared. 
With Avurudu (New Year) coming an oblique reference to mundane affairs of conventional time and adopted time is worth pondering. 

In physics time is a concept but not something substantial like momentum, gravity and electro-magnetism. 
It is concept that is vital for referring to relationship of moving objects. 
If there are no moving objects the time would become more abstract than what it is now.

In black holes the time is warped

Having said that there is no hindrance for anybody in observing the time scale of Sackra when the need arises and the time is right. 

He has to add 25 to 30 minutes to Greenwich Mean Time as he pleases. 
Because it is a holiday there is no problem for the commercial institutes or government to allow the people to observe whatever one pleases but when it is made by compulsion by an astrologer it seems bit arbitrary. 

Nobody should force it down the throat by compulsion. 
It is antidemocratic.

I should make some observations that made me to take on astrology not as an obsession in my life. Nobody should deny the fact that we are bound to our mother earth and any escape from earth atmosphere is a tremendous stress on our physiology. 

On that count if one worships the mother earth it is just one of respect but not of reverence (what is happening in the world today is quite the opposite).  

Giving respect to terrestrial bodies other than sun and moon to me seem and exaggeration of this reference of importance to all moving objects in space.

My father was good at mathematics and in his spare time he took interest  in astrology and he could make a chart himself without going to an established astrologer. 

He had quite a number of English books and he had made some reference to all his siblings. 
I was  just eight years and quite by accident I happen to glance through my horoscope predictions noted in the book with with some phrases underlined in red. 
Now I cannot remember any details but one reference I  remember even today. 
That I would have a fatal accident and would die when 9 years old. 
This was a terrifying forecast and I feared becoming 9 years old. 
 Come my nine year birthday I was terrified. 
I could not wait till the dawn of the next day after my birthday lest I would be dead. Next day dawned and I remained alive and the ordeal was over. 
However, I thought the book made a mistake and it would be the next birthday that I would die.

 And it was an impatient year till the tenth birth day and I never told anybody about this fear and silently went through the ordeal. 
Come next birthday I was well prepared for it if I live through just another day I would be defeating the Maraya.  
I accomplished that and all of a suddenly my fear disappeared into thin air and from that day onwards I feared nobody teachers, principals, bully boys or that matter anybody who is a body of substance. 

Everybody in the village and in the school new my prowess even though I was not heavily built. 
Teachers of course encouraged my aptitude and becoming a student leader was automatic and some students fear me more than the teachers. Of course my rivals used underhand tactics like hiring market thugs but even that did not deter me and the thugs also new I was a different kettle of fish. 

I was swift in avoiding danders and swift in counter ploys too.

But come 18 years and successful in the university entrance I was determined not to take any leadership roles and declined all posts except in sports which I enjoyed (team games only).

However one lasting effect was I did not take my birth day seriously thereafter. 

In my ninth year every day other than birth day was fun lest I did kick the bucket on the next birthday. I enjoyed every bit of the year except birthday. 
Now of course everyday is a day of celebration for me.

The second incident was related to my mother. 

My mother was symbol of innocence and a lady to the word but she could be easily cheated by even an average vendor. 
But that was not a problem for me but she could be easily cheated by fortune tellers. 
This I was very observant and one day she took me to a far away place where a women would after a trance would utter the fortunes. 
We went to the devale and the due panduru was offered and we were waiting for some time. 

During this waiting period I decided that I am going to teach a lesson to the fortune teller and my mother once and for all. 
Finally my mother went in and I refused to go in. 

No sooner she was in. 
I bolted. 
I had only 10 cents in my hand (that was the bribe for sweets my mother gave me to accompany her in this ordeal for both of us) and that was not enough for the bus fair and I walked nearly  seven to eight miles up to our bus station where the 10 cents would take me home. 
Once home I hid atop a tree waited till her arrival. She came home in tears and looked for me and and not finding me inside she broke down.
I thought that she had enough for a day and quietly climbed down from the tree and appeared in front of her with a mischievous grin. 
She was neither angry nor happy and in her entire life she had never seen a brat like me.

After a time I opened up and got her to promise that she should never go to a fortune teller and asked her whether the fortune teller told her about my whereabouts.

 The answer was in the negative. I am not going to tell the father if you do  keep your promise. 
She affirmed and this was a secret we kept our entire life and bearing it out now is good for my soul.

Incidentally this happened in my ninth year.

My father in due course lost interest in astrology on his own accord and was a good reader of Dhamma and Wood House. 

In my entire life I have never gone to a devalaya and never a panduru offered and I had never missed a plane or flight even though I have traveled half the globe. 
If the air travel industry adopt the traveling according to astrologers it would be chaotic. 
Astrophysics and astrology do not go hand in hand.

However, I have all the respect for the clever mathematicians who invented this myth of astrology to preserve the transfer of mathematical knowledge and astrophysics down many generations  to modern day. 

If not for that astrophysics would have been lingering in the dark and we may not have discovered new planets.

For me astrology had given me 2 years of agony but if not for that misfortune I would not have discovered my true self potential.

25th of March, 2006

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