Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our Doctors and Organ Trade

Our Doctors and Organ Trade

This a short note for journalist like Victor Ivan to investigate.

Brief historical perspective.

When ethnic crisis was in its peak lot of refugees came into Colombo for criminal abortions.
Since criminal abortions were illegal they were done in shoddy places.

The incident that I am referring is the first of it kinds I got to know that happened in Colombo.

Young girl of 12 years was operated for appendicitis.
She did not have appendicitis.
Idea was to steal one of her Kidneys to DONATE a wealthy underworld guy.

This slipped out of hand and she was incarcerated in a shoddy place and crippled with criminal injuries.

Then they started taking out her bones for transplant.

She was reduced to nothing and finally took the other kidney.

How her remains were disposed I do not know.

Probably pieces were put in a coffin carrying a another cadaver and were cremated together.

The trade that started surreptitiously had blossomed into new trade agreement with Indian and other FOREIGN nationals.

Not only drugs Colombo was in the center of organ trafficking.

Coming back to our doctors and unions in my time we were able to oust a corrupt regime by our actions.

It is strange current union worked tirelessly to help previous regime.

The ex-regime would have had files against some doctors and blackmailed them into submission.

Strange thing was current president was heading the health ministry.
We use to call the health ministry even in our time the sick department.