Thursday, January 14, 2016

Zeroing Digitally

Zeroing Digitally
Even though, I proposed Digital Zeroing more than two years ago, I could not practice it for a significant length of time.
I managed it for six weeks, this time round and the outcome was more than a PAID Meditation Session.
It was invigorating and I ended up investigating bare bone physics.
Quantum Dynamics and space travel were few ingredients.
I must tell you it is more difficult then practicing simple Moment Meditation.
I had the right preparation over the last decade.
1. TV and Media I gave up many moons ago.
Not because I was preparing for digital zeroing BUT simple because the contents were absolute muck.
2. Radio was even worse.
I could manage the irritating mosquitoes.
I have the option of killing them but not the Radio Stars.
3. The digital media were so out of date, it is not worth visiting them.
I had given up reading even Sunday Paper, Sri-Lanka cricket included.
Only time, I spent little time was before the election.
4. Internet and email was the most difficult for zeroing.
My regular blogging almost one piece a day like a editorials in a newspaper was the biggest addiction.
Even though I dismantled 10 computers, I did buy a 64 bit new computer.
5. It was made easy with the new tablets coming into existence killing the my Linux blogging.
6. Digital cell phone (land base telephone is now in rare use) was never my companion.
I think it is the most destructive (for intellectual activity) piece of innovation.
I dare not state it is not a useful gadget, especially as a traveling companion.
7. One need to be out of work or in retirement for one to practice digital zeroing.

8. The most important prerequisite is the ability to SLEEP (even traveling standing in a bus) at the drop of a hat at any time of the day.

9. Except eating drinking and going into the toilet one should not have a daily routine.

10. Getting rid of the calender is also important.
The idea is to forget what time of the day it or what is today.

With all the ingredients ready, I plunged into the unknown.
It was difficult for the first week BUT with perseverance, I got into the mode of enjoying doing the least bit of work.
With this even feeding the dog was automatic response.
Feeding the fish (I must say it was a big mistake to start keeping fish with temperature soring to 35 degrees outdoors and they die above 30 degrees. Even the indoors the temperature is over 28 degrees. I had several batches of guppies dying to HOT ambient. I now cover the top with black shade used to limit solar radiation to plants. Even the fish tank indoors gets ugly algae) was once a day any time of the day was a discovery.
No fish died due to my irregular habits.
In fact fish started cleaning the tank of algae, unfortunately only a certain types of fish love algae.
Mind you the guppies took to changing their habits.
What was the final outcome of my digital zeroing.
For the first time in 15 years, I got my experimental water garden into manageable business with exotic plants having a special display.
So digital zeroing can spring surprises and can be invigorating for your soul.
My final conclusion, it is better than practicing meditation and the plants will respond to your transformation with lovely flowers blooming on your foot path.
Who says plant cannot sense you.
They do better than fish.
Mind you pet fish are too domesticated to respond like he plants.
Guppies dying due to extremes of heat is a case in point.
Even the dog started practicing my tricks and did not seek ant special attention.
It was accommodating and missing its meal time was not a big deal.
I had his treats in store as a precaution.
The bottom line is practicing digital zeroing is good for your soul and your loved ones.

This piece is over two years OLD.

Why it is so painful to cancel an account in a Social Media

This time Hi5

I still wonder why social media are behaving like leeches.
They are hell bent on increasing their share in the open but dirty market

1. They start by offering you a free account.
That is the final bait.

In this consumerist world who will offer a free lunch?

2. Then they get every bit of your personnel data which even (probably) government agencies are not interested in.
The governments want to know you are security risk and or a xenophobic.
If you are an average criminal, they are not worried about.

In this country the previous as well as present regime want to be in book with the underworld in spite of clearing the so called terrorists.
It is a civil matter.
They only want big fish.
In this country of ours, some government agencies actually promote average tricksters and they take them into their fold, get the dirty work done and dispose them unceremoniously like a pulp when it is a liability (we have a police ex-chief and a Sanganayaka involved in plundering archaeological artefacts) to the beholders.

Guys / Girls include those who steal our ballot paper for election rigging.
Some of them steal even the vote of old people in "Incarcerated Homes''
They (the criminals) are a wanted commodity come elections.

3. These social media know that the governments steal their data whenever and wherever possible.
Earlier it was done at the airport.
Now they scan you in your kitchen doing daily chores.
They do not have to be on the beat but remain in air conditioned cubicles.

What a luxury?

4. This government paranoia for no reason to remain in absolute power has now infiltrated the social media.

They fear a bubble like in the credit crunch.
They fear the credit crisis.
Their profit margin that come free due to technology and that infiltrates into every nook and corner (luckily we have only 10% Internet penetration in spite of the massive drive) one does not have to sweat for one's tasks.
These guys also live in air-conditioned living rooms and sit in front of the computer and do not have to travel like the ordinary guys and girls who toil, every day of the week.
They have cushy IT jobs.
The network of computers and various search engines do the talk.
They talk tall!

5. Invariable they become the worst pests of this century and of any country
So they fear when a old guy like me want to opt out of their site for an ornamental coffin for the eternal peace six feet under.

They make de-registration, the most difficult job on this planet.
I do not know.
As a doctor, I can say it is an early sign of serious pathological entity not yet defined by the medical fraternity.

I coin the word Digital Mafia that metamorphoses to Digital Morphea

Getting out of Hi5 was as difficult as with FaceBook.

The details are hidden in the Full Site out of reach of the folks.

You have to contact them by email and tag with another entity and a token obtained for one to see the Full Site.

Even after getting there they will ask you various (FUD, Fear Uncertainty, and Doubt) silly questions.

Now they try to keep the data in their server and promote a reactivation scheme.

I don't think I can reactivate it from my coffin unless, I take a Tablet with Wireless connection to my final resting (rite's) site, the TOMB.
Rest in Piece Social Media.

I have raised this many moons ago.

What happen to my emails when I am DEAD and Disposed?

What happen/s to it / them when I am disposed or dispossessed?

Have I got to declare a Dying Dispossession?
In spite the technology they are unable to device a full proof method.
That is the case in point.

I tell old people please do not use Internet.

Visit your friends in person and enjoy a cup of Tea/Coffee or a pint of Larger.

That is more user friendly than social media.

Real people (not digital) need personnel touch.

I now practice digital zeroing when I am on holidays.

I really enjoy my privacy and holiday but enjoy every bit of flavor of food and drinks, I used to enjoy as a young guy (but going up in price for an average citizen).
I practice bit of Moment Meditation, too.
Life is to live.
Not to sit in front of an idiot box.
Creativity comes naturally, then.

See you next time.
I am trying to devise a method to opt out not log out.
Hope, I will have a Brain Wave when on digital holiday.