Friday, October 30, 2015

Rotten Civil Service

Rotten Civil Service
British did enormous damage to our rain forest and Elephants.
British NGO's that cry foul NOW should be ashamed of the Kraals and what not. during colonial time.
Francis Molamure who died on the speakers chair was a shame of Kandyan Nilames.
Rest betrayed the last King of Kandy of Tamil of descent.
Our Civil service is rotten from the time of C.P. De Silva.
That was the time ivory trade started rising its head after the British left.
P.B.G Kalugalla could not have had an orphanage if not for that policy.
It ivory trade culminated under Mahinda Chintanaya.
None of our media (I believe some of them were part of the extended family dealing with ivory) exposed the plight of the wild elephants, especially the baby elephants.
A sitting Magistrate had an illegal Baby Elephant in his possession.
The correct procedure is to interdict the person until final hearing is over for a civil servant or compulsory retirement if the person is a sitting judiciary man.
I am happy to say I was able to send a judge into retirement in a case that had bearing on me as a civil servant of yesteryear.
The latest is the case of an MP who had 5 passports.
How could he get a passport in the middle of the night.
The officer who issued the passport should be interdicted immediately, even if he issued the passport under duress.
I think the civil rights of this MP should be withdrawn as a deterrent and a fresh election be held so that the voter can make a fair decision like when Kalawana MP, Sarath Mutthettuwegama died 40 years ago.
Sarath Mutthettuwega was very good MP of old traditions.
I had a brief encounter with him and he was able to act swiftly without violating the Civil Service Code. We need MP like him in the parliament.
If we cannot I pray the comet coming down on the 14th November land on our parliament and destroying it without a trace.
A comet can do such a damage in seconds.
We cannot wait for the Civil Servants to wake up from slumber.
The civil service is infested with very bad characters and we have no way to getting rid of them, unlike the politicians.
They simply change the tie.
I hate politics and politicians, the Elephant Saga made me to wake up and cry foul.