Monday, October 5, 2015

Ceylon and Flying Crafts

This a bit from my next book.

"My theory is very simple.
It does not basically dispute either Adam’s or Dr.Wadia’s hypothesis.
It may be described as an upshot or phenomenon derived.
The theory of upthrust whether two, three or four is also not disputed.

But it adds two more components.

One is that there was a big continent or island that existed  stretching from tip of India to the South Pole, occupying the present Indian Ocean. 

This huge land piece disappeared leaving behind a tiny bit of land called, Ceylon.

Second hypothesis is that the earth was bombarded by series of meteorite hits.

Is there any evidence?
Just look at the moon.
There are lot of craters there that could have been due to smaller meteorites hitting it but leaving behind, tell-tell evidence, since it does not have an atmosphere similar to earth and certainly no rain to wipe out the evidence.

These two hypothesis taken together my mind go haywire.

There is no global hypothesis to explain the formation of massive oceans, crammed up land masses and formation of tiny islands.

There are two vital theoretical components to explain the land, islands and sea formation.

One is movement of tectonic plates.
The other is volcanic activity.

By product is earth quakes.

We have no evidence of volcanic activity to explain the formation of Ceylon.
We have no evidence to support massive earth quakes where one plate submerging under the other (part of the Indian plate carrying Ceylon).

Equally, there is no readily available explanation for the formation of the tectonic plates and their movements. But I have an explanation for their increase in activity in the last century.

I have to make another observation. The earth was in in equilibrium till the beginning of the last century. There were no nuclear explosion underneath. Natural catastrophes were not recorded in plenty.

But things changed over the second half of the last century.
The relative increase of tectonic activity started after the man’s first experiment with the atomic bomb in 1945. Even though the mass dropped is small it triggered what I call the cascading effect. After the war there was hive of activity in testing nuclear war heads. 

Even though, there was ban on testing in air and on the surface there was no moratorium to stop nuclear testing underground.
There was no way to monitor them since seismology and testing equipment were not readily available. Discerning them from seismic activity was not fully developed or stations were not established to monitor.
From Russia to, USA to, China to, India to, France to,  Pakistan (now Iran) to any country with technology could have tested nuclear explosions at will.

Free for all scenario existed.

Nobody has evaluated  the stresses they caused and the damage they had done to the equilibrium state, I have stated above prior to the testing of nuclear material.

I believe the cracking of Indian plate, stresses on Himalaya and increase in seismic activity in Indonesia are byproducts of these testing. 

So during the last century man was doing enough damage to the mother nature. The global warming or sudden increase in atmospheric temperature is also a mad made aberration.

Coming back to my hypothesis, meteorite hits may have caused or has exacerbated tectonic activity indirectly.
My cascading hypothesis of one event leading to another is interesting in many ways.
The extinction of Jurassic stage species can be added to the cascade.

It also explain partially the triangular  shape of India too.

It would have been convex but with time concave and later almost a straight line, due to erosion.

To expand my hypothesis, there were at least two more large meteorites hitting the landforms below (hypothetical) making a depression on east and west side of India, later forming the sea.

The third was 65 million years ago at the Jurassic stage it hit the middle of the landforms and sunk it leaving behind a Tiny Ceylon jutting against the tip of India.

There would have been many lifeforms which we never know on this land mass and they all perished with the demolition (not really sunk) of our ancient history. 
What actually happened in theoretical sense I will not describe here but leave it for another day, since this book is about rivers and not about  formation of Ceylon.

I penned this down here since local media (both paper and electronic) are spreading wild stories about ancient Sri-Lanaka and flying crafts (Dadu Morara Yantharaya).

My hypothesis unfortunately destroy the Tamil Lemura (it was not the intention) and Sri-Lankan flying crafts (or confabulations).