Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Monkey Magic and Shell Shock

Monkey Magic and Shell Shock

Beauty of the free franchise
      Is like a monkey
      With a sword in hand
      Razor sharp in the act of

      Could be known as the
      King maker
      King pawn
      Or the king killer
      In the making

      Whether this monkey
      Is bright or not so bright
      Gets a chance
      Once in five or six years
      The act of demolition

      To the loser it’s a monkey
      To the winner the King Kong
      To me it’s a ping pong
      And I dash
      With all my might

      To the terrorist
      It’s a weapon of mass destruction
      Of its own kind
      In the guise of
      A demagogue or a demigod
      Not an act of tolerance

      Till the cows come home
      We would be playing
      This game of ping pong
      Until and unless
      The body politics become wiser
      To rid of the king and horsemen
      In their entirety

      To Ninja Turtles
      Of Sri-Lankan kind
      At the pace
      We are going through
      The shell shock of the century
      Is still in the waiting

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