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Mind and its Repertoire

Mind and its Repertoire
Mind is a powerful entity with boundless energy within.
It is very difficult to explain its repertoire.
Below is a few descriptions extracted from Dhamma Pada.
Before that, I will try to describe in Simple English how I describe the “Entity called Mind”.
Mind is Universal Entity in certain forms of life.
We believe it is related to the existence of the brain but if I ask the question myself, “Can I locate or pinpoint it for somebody to scientifically investigate it?”, I run short of methodology to project my mind out.
It seems to be intrinsically bound to every cell in my body not heart or brain.
I do not like the word conscious and unconscious since mind is never at rest even in one’s deep sleep.
It is a living entity and part and parcel of life.
So I prefer the word “Awareness” of itself and its surrounding irrespective of its proximity (far or near) in space dimension.
I can visit moon in a fraction of a second (faster than speed of light) while pulling my cigar and exhaling rounds and rounds of smoke circles in air.
Like the smoke circles from a cigar appear and disappear, my thought moments can appear and disappear with tremendous rapidity and next moment my mind is in mars or outside the known universe.
That is the beauty of the mind.
Next thing I want to do is to address the “Level of Awareness”.
The base level is Awake State.
A lower level is Dream State.
Third level is “Knocked Out State”, hit on the head by a club or live electricity shock or ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) or Medical Drugs with anaesthetic properties.
Now the bombshell.
Just as we can have substandard levels to awake state, I want to propose that there are seven or more levels of super-standard states of mind (for the purpose of my argument- it may be much more than seven, never less).
For a person of Western upbringing brought up with God Concept, God is another “Spiritual Level”of Awareness much more than our base level.
Now the second bombshell.
There are life forms outside our domain, for the want of a better term I use, Alien Beings have Awareness Levels (going up to seven or more) far more superior to ours.
The caveat here is some of these beings are very inquisitive especially the level I (one) and II (two) that may or may not visit us from time to time for formal investigations.
The question is can we reach them?
I tend to believe that we can.
We can increase our level of awareness with Mind Training.
That Mind Training is Meditation.
It is within our brain (for want of better term) potential.
All this preamble is to find an answer to the question of “Mediums” and “Channels” or the Ancient Wisdom Masters (of Red Indians, of Aborigines and Indian Sages).
Christianity has suppressed these phenomena by their world domination by “Military Power” (both UK and USA).
Good example is Madam Helena Blavatsky and the attack on her by the Western authors (Theosophy) of profundity.
The domain of Christianity is in its wane, so it time to address other states of mind including the “Aliens who would visit us” when we are ready.
For the sake of my argument, “Mediums” and “Channels” are altered states of mind of awareness of the bearer.
They are usually females who are amenable to such states of “fantasy”.
They should not be addressed as fakes (large majority are fakes for the purpose of publicity).
I should wind up this with few verses from Dhamma Pada.
Even though, I try to “Zero in Digitally”, there is a section of web visitors (my site) from far away places, encourage me to be active.
Thank YOU guys and girls but soon I will be dormant but not dead.
I do not like the English words, Ego, I, Soul and Spirituality.
To drop those entities from our minds’ vocabulary one has to attain a certain level of of meditative instances or Jhanas.

Mano Puggamgamaa Dhamma
Mano Setta Manomaya
Manasa che Passannena
Basthi va Karothi va
Tatho Nam Sukka Manchethi
Chayava Anupayini
Mind precedes all mental states
Mind is the chief chef,
They are all mind-wrought (fashioned)
If with pure (perfect) mind one speaks or acts happiness follows like never departing shadow of oneself.

Durangaman ekamchram
Asariram guhasayam
Ye sittam sangnamesanti
Mokkanthi Marabandhana

Dwelling in the cave
Without form
The Mind wonders far
And moves alone.
Those who subdue this mind
Are liberated from the bond of Mara

(The meaning of Mara here is somewhat equivalent to death in every being but in philosophical terms means much more of the unsatisfactory nature of all living phenomena including mental formations).
I am not a Pali scholar and Pali scholars (neither in English) are hard to come by and my humble attempt is to bring simple English connotation into lifeforms.

Any errors of commission and omission are all mine. 
Please note that I do not academically or literaaly follow every bit of mystic phenomena but want the readers to be open minded.
 I have had first hand encounters with similar ability but never tried to stop them or encourage them (kept my comfortable scientific dissociation) or assess them scientifically.

Reincarnation means the same thing as re-embodiment and rebirth. It is the human soul returning to the earth again and again and taking up residence each time in a new physical body in order to continue the soul’s progressive journey of inner evolution, advancement, development, and of unfold. 
Death is not the end and birth is not the beginning.
The soul reincarnates due to three main reasons – 
(1) It still has lessons to learn, 
(2) It still has “karmic debts” which it needs to work off in order to further balance its Karma, 
(3) It has not yet fully realized its own divine nature or its absolute oneness with the Divine and thus with all life and has not yet re-become in consciousness THAT which it truly and really is. Reincarnation is a Law in Nature. It is not true that “only some souls reincarnate” or that “reincarnation is the exception rather than the rule,” as some have claimed. It is an ongoing cyclic process and necessity for each soul.
There are three possibilities regarding what happens to us when we die. There is the view of the atheists and materialists, who say that we are nothing more than a lump of soulless purposeless matter and that we simply cease to be, when the physical body dies. Then there is the “one life only” view held by some religions, who maintain that the soul only lives once on Earth and that after the body dies the soul either goes to Heaven for all eternity or burns in hell for all eternity. The religions which teach this concept usually insist that they are the only right religion and that only the people belonging to that particular religion will go to Heaven.
The third possibility is that of an ongoing process of reincarnation. 25-30% of people in the West today say that they believe in reincarnation and it has been a standard belief in much of the East for thousands of years, having its origin in Hinduism, which is the world’s oldest religion. It is also a central feature of Buddhism and other Indic religions. Human beings have the freedom to decide which of these three possibilities sounds the most reasonable and plausible to them.

The world population has risen by nearly 6-billion within the last 120 years and is still on the increase, although it is expected to peak between 2025 and 2050. One of the main causes for this dramatic population increase is that people in general are nowadays reincarnating far sooner, far more quickly, than they did 100 years ago.
The duration of the soul’s time in its state of Devachan in between lifetimes is always determined in part by how “spiritualised” the soul is. The more atheistic, agnostic, or materialistic a person is, the shorter and less clearly defined that intermediary period will be.
It is undeniable that there has been a general decline worldwide in spirituality and in higher thought over the last century. At the end of the 19th century, the majority of people across the world still had at least some degree of spiritual or religious inclination and belief and thus their souls were “spiritualised” to at least some extent and at least part of their consciousness was directed, even if only occasionally, towards higher matters. This enabled the soul’s time in the spiritual state of Devachan after death to be prolonged.
In the West, the fall of the Christian Church and the parallel rise of materialistic science had the combined effect of creating generations of agnostics, atheists, materialists, and sensualists, since there was nothing to fill the gap for human consciousness between blind religious faith which insisted that the Bible is the infallible and literal Word of God and the atheistic proclamations of the scientists, who declared – and continue to declare – that there is nothing but matter and that there is no such thing as soul, spirit, or any actual purpose or meaning to anything whatsoever.
One of the purposes of the founding of the Theosophical Movement at that time was to help plug the gap and present mankind with an intelligent and reasoned spirituality, based on the Esoteric Philosophy of the East. 
Unfortunately, after the death of H.P. Blavatsky, the teachings and focus of Theosophy were purposely distorted and altered by certain leaders within the Theosophical Society and the degree of respect and effectiveness that Theosophy had managed to achieve in the West was largely lost.
Today the average Westerner is an agnostic, if not an atheist, and he unquestioningly accepts and believes the views and pronouncements of science just as unquestioningly and blindly as his forefathers accepted and believed the pronouncements of the priest. Much of the East is also now heading in the same direction, although not to the same extent.
An atheistic or materialistic worldview naturally leads to a complete decrease in spirituality and ethics and a rise in sensuality and superficiality. So it is not really surprising that a huge proportion of souls, having developed no spiritual inclinations or qualities whatsoever in their most recent incarnations due to the above, have nothing within them at present to provide much – if anything – in the way of a Devachanic interval for them and are thus returning to earth life with disconcerting rapidity.
And the more often and frequently they return, the more time and opportunity they have to procreate again and thus help bring other such souls back into incarnation. As science and sex are the gods of the 21st century, this problem shows no signs of abating. All the major problems and troubling issues which affect the world today are spiritual problems, in their underlying nature, and until spiritual people have the intelligence and initiative to address them in a sane, selfless, and intelligent way, humanity’s problems will just keep on increasing. 
Just saying “Love and light, love and light” and “We are all one” will not get the job done.

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