Wednesday, September 14, 2016

When is the date of the Disclosure of the UFO Scenario?

When is the date of the Disclosure of the UFO Scenario?

Is it impending?

All my indications are it is impending and the timing of the US Presidential election has torpedoed everything including who will declare it.

How Russia will use this election to puts its moles in the next US administration is another factor.

If it is declared NOW its snowballing effect nobody with the right mind can predict.

Now what is happening is the Domino Effect?

Since I cannot predict the date I will write about the Domino Effect?

Who will declare it?

That is the driving force for the Domino Effect.

It is actually a bulling scenario where one leader after another falls, till all the potential leaders withdraws from the context.

It is the “Lame Duck” effect.

This is vital for the outcome.

In other words, all the leaders that fall will become historical puppets and one who is left has to take the pieces and unite the world with “Oneness”.

In fact, this “Global” guy or girl has to mount a unified effect to calm the people and bring order out of disorder (physics term chaos).

I cannot tell who but I can eliminate guys and girls.

1. First I am out but my contribution is the book which will be out soon “Conspiracies in Religion, Politics and Science”.
It just gives a preview of the human political psychology which might prepare one for the scenario and there are two chapters one the theoretical and the other the historical (conspiracy) perspective.

2. President Obama is out as he is the Lame Duck President now.
He should have done this in 2012 for some strange reason he did not.

3. The Current Pope is out since if he does he has to burn large amount of archived documents.
Which is a pity.

3. UK Prime Minister out since, if one becomes an accessory to a grand conspiracy there is no way out.

4. UK Labour Leader is out by the very fact that he is out off power within and outside.
I pity the Labour Party.

5. What about a South American country?
Out by two counts.
They are dominated by drug lords or the divine lords.

6. What about Israel?
Improbable due to its global financial control.

7. What about Ceylon, the champion of non-alignment of yesteryear?

Out by many a mile, as all the astrologers disagreeing on an auspicious time to DECLARE by a wide margin.
Reason they think Ceylon is the center of the universe.
They cannot decide, the center within the center be that it may be Galle, Kandy or Jaffna.
They still work on only 12 planets.

8. What about France?
Very likely candidate given its Renaissance.

9. What about Germany?
Likely candidate but Putin has to brainwash Angela Merkel.

10. What about Japan?
Very unlikely since with the declaration motor industry will come to a standstill.

11. By default I think only Russia can (or will) do it.

There is only one Achilles Heel (Hell) is the current Presidential campaign with, which horse to back.

He is having a “psychopathic regurgitation” of America and probably enjoying it all the same. 

The timing will be “Christmas Eve” since he will have a bit of a swipe at the expense of the Holy One!

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