Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Myths and Conspiracies in Human History

Myths and Conspiracies in Human History

Myths I can excuse but conspiracies I cannot.

It looks like the entire history of mankind is either filled with myth or conspiracies.
No matter, whether it is philosophy, religion, war, power politics or democracy, there is subtle hint that for success or failure,  conspiracy had a bigger role to play.

It turned events in history for better or worse.

But when there is a conspiracy in science and medicine, it is outrageous and deplorable.
I have seen that happening in my entire adult career.

The story is the cholesterol and the saga is coconut oil or saturated oil.

They promoted polyunsaturated oil and peanut oil as a remedy.
It was a comedy.
Highly reactive bonds with reactive chemicals were introduced.
From heart attacks to degenerative disease to cancer to dementia ensued.

Who benefited.

Drug companies and doctors.

American Heart Association was instrumental in the grand conspiracy.

Why I am writing this? 

In another 100 years, when our descendants analyze the history, they will look at as jokers in history. 

This piece for redemption only.

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