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Comets and Planet Nine

Comets and Planet Nine

Beginning around 250 to 500 Million years
In this context, evolution of the frogs/toads is very important.

They have gone through all the comet impacts but survived for 300 million years.

Assuming comet impacts were local in nature and the toads did survive in not affected areas, is a simple logic.

But there few unexplained facts.

 Amoeba dubia

 Amoeba proteus 290,000,000,000

 Bufo bufo (Frog)

 Homo sapiens (Man)

One of the largest genomes belongs to a very small creature, Amoeba dubia. 
This protozoan genome has 670 billion units of DNA, or base pairs. 
The genome of a cousin, Amoeba proteus, has a mere 290 billion base pairs, making it 100 times larger than the human genome.

Frogs have much larger DNA.

They accumulated all the genomic features to overcome the adversity is one of my hypothesis.

The second is the ability to hibernate.

Third is the ability to live both in water and land.

The ability to metamorphosis is probably made them survive with mutations.

After tuna fish they stand alone in the evolutionary history of this planet.

There is a little toad in us; at least the five fingers in humans (including writers) have an evolutionary link.

Additionally if they disappear in our nature it is a sure sign of pollution and our soil and water is not healthy for drinking and cultivation.

They are our main bio-indicators.

I suppose Victor Ivan read this at leisure.

When I hear frogs croaking in my neighborhood, I know they are coming to roost and breed on my FREE water tanks.
It is rare to see a tree frog now.

They are the cleanest (compared to rats) to dissect and we used to do without gloves.

Don’t tell the Chinese and Koreans who come here to visit that we have frogs.

In a decade we will exterminate the frog population.

Dogs (Victor is worried about stray dogs) flesh and toads are their delicacies.

Every Kilo of beef we spend 8 to16 kilos of grain which is enough to supplement protein deficiency in our children.
During Sirima's time we designed the Thriposha.
I know one company in this country has taken the lead and produce healthy and nutritious snacks from grains.
We don’t need to kill or for that mater rear goose or chicken.
Chicken is the most unhealthy meat of all stuffed with hormones that cause breast cancer in young females.


11 Million Years ago

38 Million years

66 Million years

In 16 million years

In my book Ceylon and its Origin, I have used the above information to formulate, the formation of two or three plateaus (peneplains) and the hill country, as a hypothesis.
But I am more interested in our prehistory which our ancient Buddhist monks have deliberately erased (probably by the instruction of the Kings and Queens) by vandalizing and turning the caves into ashen remains or temples.

We have few remains of our prehistoric man.

I believe they were decimated by design of by natural disasters (small pox or even measles brought in by the invaders).
I believe the former since the lack of remains explains the erasing of the ancient history by design.

The ancient man never evolved here (not enough time) but have come by sea.
There was no link to Indian subcontinent then.
From where did they come from?
That is my question to the anthropologists. 

In this period we did not have comets to explain extinction.


Whitmire already showed back in 1985 — when he first started looking into the possibility of Planet Nine-related comet barrages — that the pattern held for at least the last 250 million years. Newer research suggests that these barrages may actually have been happening for as much as 500 million years, and quite possibly longer.

The latest comet shower is thought to have occurred around 11 or so million years ago, around the time of the Middle Miocene mass extinction.
Before that, similar events were thought to have occurred around 38 and 66 million years ago, the latter thought to be the comets that killed off the dinosaurs.

Don’t ring the alarm bells though for the next bombardment. Humankind will likely be dramatically evolved (if hopefully not long gone) by the time Planet Nine passes through the Kuiper Belt again. “Modern man doesn’t have worry about the next comet shower for 16 million years,” Whitman quipped.

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