Monday, February 8, 2016

Formative years!

This is a glimpse of my book "Life Hacker International"

Formative years!
We tend to do lot of mistakes with preschool years.
Especially if both parents are working.
Often the children are left in crèche or with elderly grand parents.
Their is a booming industry for preschool children with or without proper guide lines.

I think most of our parents are devoted for their education specially in cities.

There is mass migration to the cities primarily for employment and secondarily for education.
I will not go into how these children get the school entry perfected by all illegal means.

Our children are made to lie in their formative years and they accept lie as an essential medium for upward mobility.

There is a stinking system where from lawyers, to doctors, to school principals and to politicians are involved in corrupt practices.

That is not the intention of this book but suffice is to say it is a money spinner and black money is exchanged freely.

Let me be open about the facts of life.

1. Children should stay in their family or the extended family in their formative years. This recommendation is in spite of the known scenario that children are abused by people close to them including teachers and priests.

2. The parents who abuse them should have punitive actions outside the courts of law.

3. We should have a mechanism like Case Conferences in United Kingdom to address the underlying problems (in camera).

4. Form of punishment should not be monetary but community service that helps the community they live in.

5. Prison is the worse place to rehabilitate because the prison management as at present is controlled by the Underworld.

6. Protective custody is the worse case scenario, since children are abused and molested once in custody systematically.

7. The social services should provide monetary support for specified period not extended (then the system is abused) with monitoring of activities at all level.

Any officer who abuses the system should be summarily dismissed with their names gazetted and publicly displaced. They should not be absorbed into services where public are at risk of exploitation. 

This is a tall order but we need to act swiftly to regain control of these institutions.

There are many more issues but to save time and space, I would like to expand on the salient points.

Children acquire language from birth. May be even in utero. They respond to sound specially to music played in special baby care units.

The acquiescence of mother tongue is automatic and genetic. So if we upgrade the education of the mothers (parents or care givers) we have a good product even before entering the school.

There are few drawbacks.
Like right and left handedness these skills are mapped and fixed on one side of the brain.

Learning of a second language (Business Language like English) is made painfully difficult after 7 or ten years.

I am totally against children to be taught in one medium and separated from other languages in the formative years.

I am against FREE books, too.

I prefer, if children are exposed to preschool with proper guidelines and teachers with multi-language skills, and there should not be any language bias in instructions.

Then children as young as 3 years would start integrating well with different cultures.

They are born with this ability and we as parents by design and coerce to suppress their built in tendencies.

The up shoot of learning a second language is much more easier than the language skill they acquire.

The second language is fixed and located in the non dominant hemisphere of the brain.

That is the creative side of the brain when stimulated encourage them to be balanced adults.

Not only that, their ability to study a third or fourth language becomes easy.

One stream children can be brainwashed easily and become emotional and may be stupid in their orientation in a wider society. 

We have ample example of them in the parliament.

The one who is exposed to two languages is not only creative but are intelligent enough to avoid brainwashing by religious sectors of all denominations.

This is what is happening in the this country and in the Middle East.

They will never use their creative brains.

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