Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tibet, China and Human Rights

Tibet, China and Human Rights
Over one million Tibetans died due to Chinese invasion of Tibet. 
Dalai Lama was chased out and in exile now.

Tibetans does not hurt worms (any life) even.
Does peaceful means have a say in the modern World? 

U.N.O is the largest hypocrisy of the modern World.

Why they (UNO) take offensive action on smaller nation like Ceylon?

Does precise little to Tibetans?

Why smaller nation (Ceylon) ask ill-gotten wealth of Chinese for their development?

China is buying things that they cannot invade.

Why India that created the LTTE for their offensive action to influence Ceylonese politics does not react to Chinese offensive in Tibet?

Human race is selfish, India, China and USA included.

They will soon forget the atrocities of even Hitler.

That is the very reason aliens (if they do visit us) do not trust humans and may be producing hybrids to destroy the human lust.

History repeats itself in unkindness not kindness.
It was calculated that when India and China fought war and each country killed one opposite soldier every second, it takes more than eleven years to end the war.

This calculation would be 22 years now with population expansion.

But a nuclear bomb can do that in few seconds.

Either one Indian or one Chinese will be left.

I prefer an Indian left instead of a Chinese.


Indians have a very short memory whereas Chinese have a very grand design as shown by invading Tibet.

What is Trump going to contribute to this scenario?

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