Thursday, March 16, 2017

From Watergate to Trumpgate to Unigate

From Watergate to Trumpgate to Unigate
Hello, Maha (Brahma)
This is Asoka on Voice Mail.

There was a bit of a pause.
Then there was some of background heavenly music and bright aura!
This was unusual.

Hello Asoka,
Long Time No See and No Dreams.

Well I am well onto a Metta Meditation Course.
I sleep well and no dreams.
That is too bad.
Why Metta?
There are two Maithrees in Power.
One is our figure without a head.
Other is the better half of the figurine head of a party.
In this country it the fair sex that leads the family but in this case she is obscure doing godforsaken research of no value and no kids.

So Maithree (except WiraWansa and Ma Ra) or Metta is ingrained in the “Constitution of Division”.
That is too much for me to  swallow Ceylon politics.

Any other news?

I have good and bad news for you.
First the bad news.
I am losing my memory like our politicians who forget even the simplest of promises they made within three months of election.

Can you be more explicit?

Well, I forget to clean the bowls (including my dogs) and my wife has taken it in good spirit and leave all the dishes for me to wash.

I forget to put water in the bowl for my dog.
Things like that.
That is not too bad, I forget all your dreams retold in no time.
But there is problem for you.
I forget things like, that it was dream or real fact in life.
Like I had a lavish meal and some good wine in a posh hotel.
Or weather I had my morning cuppa or breakfast.

Worse thing is that I forget all the dreams I dreamt over the past one year or so.
I was so confused that I decided not to contact you by voice mail.
That is too bad.
There is worse to come, I am going to wind up my digital domain with the earliest possible time.

I need to warn you.
Why heavens?
With all these “Watergate to Trumpgate to Unigate” there is lot of confusion with the email especially voice mail.
Is not safe to send a voice mail even to heaven.

Putin had put moles all over the planet and in the space and time too.
KGB, MI5, CIA and FBI are doing eavesdropping, even if you are in the loo spending a penny.

Hee Hoo and loo mentality.
Then there are no voice mail.

I am afraid YES.
These technologies are fraught with flaws.

Aren’t there anything in heaven to prevent this?

We do not snooze on others except when somebody wants to leave the heaven and come back to earth.

We try to prevent it.
With all these technologies they might design a program to find the whereabouts of our real Maha on holiday.

Then my dog is totally blind and is showing his age.

Can you send him to heaven?

I need to appoint him as my assistant and take a long holiday.
That is cheeky.
Then what about me?
You kick the bucket and join him.
What about my family?
They will find their own ways.
NO I am thinking about a alternate way?

Things like teleportation and transmigration to other planets.
That is high five stuff know?
Not at all.
I am into this dark matter and matter conversion physics now.
I can de-materialize myself and re-materialize in heaven with my dog.

Warp the time and come back here a little bit younger.

That is very bad for us in heaven and for me the Maha’s Assistant, now acting on his behalf.
Well that is the reason I have contacted you.

Will I go ahead with my work.
Yes and No.

I have good news.
I had a lovely dream.
This, I am going to mix with bit of my imagination or creation or fiction.

I won’t tell you which is which.

You have to guess.
If you go wrong I won’t kick the bucket for sometime.
Real dream or a fact of fiction?
Young mother breast feeding her baby.
The husband comes and say I have / had a dream.
He says, I bought you a lovely dress.

Young mother pregnant.
Husband says he can say it is a boy or a girl by touching the stomach.

No scans no DNA tests.

Just by teleportation.
His mind enters the womb and have a glance of the private parts and declare the sex on emergence.

You have to wait for the rest of the story.

I just remembered I have to clean the dog’s mess and his bowls.