Sunday, January 22, 2017

Shape of the New Constitution

Shape of the New Constitution

We have got a very good opportunity to make a brand new constitution.

Patching up the old one won't us get anywhere.

We must make an impact on our history with a viable all inclusive (including Environmental Righs to proect the Mother Nature) constitution with everybody participating.

It has never happened before in Ceylon. 

Only Kings, Presidents and MPs were involved not the average citizens.

We should not let it go amiss.

My reason for this piece is to highlight a missing piece, in it.

Let me discuss few other points to begin with.

In recent history, it is only in South Africa who had a new constitution.

It was after humbling the White Supremacy Theory by pro-western, especially American political system aided by the Vatican's (converting the entire world to Christianity is its goal but we will never have a Black Pope for another century) covert plans.

What is interesting in South African example, is Nelson Madela avoided religion coming in, to obstruct the forward march, in constitutional terms.

Desmond Tutu would have preferred otherwise (By the way, he could have never become a Pope).

I agree with Nelson Mandela and any worthwhile religion should be divorced from corrupt politics either covertly or overtly.

This is not true of Christianity, President Trump has to place his hand on the Bible before taking the Oath of allegiance.

My bone of contention here is if one is detached from all religions, he has no place in the Christian World including Americas.

That is a grand political conspiracy.

That has to change, even if the Queen of England wishes to have a protestant God.

In the global context, China does not have an official religion and many Russians are not interested in the Orthodox Church.

In that sense, in Ceylon, Buddhism should not fall into this trap of political entanglement.

Buddhism precisely teaches disentanglement and enlightenment.

Buddhism does not want political affiliations or blind faith and in political sense, if one religion is given prominence, that is the beginning of the discrimination of the non believers.

This is how the Christianity and Muslim religions works and expanded by force (led to Bible War and it is still simmering in current world)..

This is where the referendum on the new constitution is vital for Ceylon.

If other faiths can live in harmony (not with war mentality) with Buddhism, the referendum would not have any ill effects politically. We must not not leave room for that happening.

Let me dissect two political points.

In communists' world minority rules the majority (subjects).

In a democracy majority rules minority.

America have 65% Christians.

So the Christianity rules.

In Ceylon over 65% are Buddhists but that should not be a problem, since Buddhism’s basic teaching is non violence or Avihinsa.

There is no word in English dictionary for Metta (Maithree in Sinhala).

Isn't that not funny?

I am committed to not having any religion enshrined in the constitution.

But I am ready to accept the verdict at a referendum.

Both Christianity or Muslim religion never preaches Metta (or for that matter tolerance)  for the non believers.

It is the opposite.

That is why Iran a country which had Buddhism before the modern history has no shrines left for Buddhists after Muslim empire's emergence.

The bottom line is religion just like white supremacy causes painful division in mankind.

The point I want to stress here and my almost religious attention is the Mother Earth or the Protection of the Environment (all living beings and biodiversity of this tiny Island).

We are heading for the Sixth Mass Extinction.

A constitution without major environmental protocol is not worth constituting.

It is the missing part in the new constitution.

We would be judged by the future generations of lack of wisdom, in this regard.

If we leave behind a desert island with a "grand human rights protocol", enshrined without protecting our rivers, rain forest along with its biodiversity and the remaining elephants what are going to leave behind for out great grandchilren?

The subjects would die both of thirst and starvation within 50 years. 
That is a very likely scenario. 
This has happened in the past (Baminitiya Saya an example).

The current dry spell without rains is just the beginning.

For food security water is essential ingredient in a rice based country.

Rigid Environmental Protocol is vital.

If we do not have an Environmental Policy, the rest of our future politicians will cut all the trees in the rain forest in the name of eco-tourism.

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