Monday, December 5, 2016

Responsibilities of Editors of “So called National Media”

Responsibilities of Editors of “So called National Media”

Let me deal with an issue that the Media did not give attention (come to “Stooging Editors” for political reason, later).

Accidents happen basically due to three reasons.

1. Vehicles poorly maintained-unauthorized assembly and substituted registration, papers, gears, brakes,tires, engines etc.

2. Road- Poorly maintained and unauthorized parking, poor display of road signs and signals including railways.

3. Human factor- Driving and under the influence of substances (highest under the previous regime but still operational even in universities and schools).

4. The fourth reason is the police taking bribes instead of maintaining Law and Order and bend their back to the politicians and not to the Moral Code.

Under previous regime parallel mafiosi organization was built to enforce parallel government, subservient to the under world.

It will take another 100 years to correct these deficiencies and Good Governance has not even scratched the surface.

My bone contention of the victors albeit marginally is (UNP), them embracing the “goons” in no time.

That is why I rigidly maintained that “Citizen Bureaus” need to be formed to stem the decline and finding an "Alternative and Correct Course”.

Religion cannot do it.

Racial segregation cannot do it.

Police or administration institutes cannot do it.

Politicians cannot do it.

These are all the signs for the emergence of a mafiosi structure in the third world.

This is global in nature from Americas, to UK to France to European Zone, there is visible anti-establishment feelings but proper organization, yet to form or materialize.

Given time it will come and shadow the corrupt politicians.

Indian Prime Minister's role in this regard (Rupees Deal) is commendable BUT he is risking his political career for a good course.

He is a shrewd politician coming from grassroots, unlike Jaya Lalitha (Film Star), I hope he succeeds for the sake of the region's stability and prosperity.

Indian and Pakistani underworld is using Ceylon as a safe haven.

Our Private Bus Organizations fall into this emerging mafiosi and National Editors supporting them is an extension of the operational mafiosi.

The editors did not give consideration to many factors and if I am an owner of the institution, I will sack them for the sake of the survival of the”Print Media”.

1. The papers could not publish the Friday Edition.

2. It was an unprecedented in out context.

3. Even if they published, they would not have been able to distribute the papers, since buses (both public and private) do the distribution FREE of charge not the paper companies.
These is an established network and railway is to slow for take a major role.

4. Papers survive on advertisements not necessarily on sale.

5. Above all Ordinary Level Examination was on and it was a crime to interfere with a “Public Examination”.

Can YOU see that papers (who undermine an effort to bring Law and Order on Highways) are part of the established mafiosi.

Stating it a Buddhist country is a misnomer par excellence.

They could not go to Maligawa on that day.

I think I will sack all those insensitive editors of the Print Media.

The time is right for the “Citizen Bureaus” we cannot trust our papers.