Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Possibility of Three Women heading three countries in and across the Atlantic

Possibility of Three Women heading three countries in and across the Atlantic

I was in Ceylon when a woman became our first prime minister.
She had good qualities and a few bad ones.

Bad ones lead me in the G.M.O.A. to become political activist until she was ousted.

Most of the undoing was due to the so called leftists.

We had our first undemocratic JVP uprising under her regime.

I think she laid the foundation for formation of the then underground LTTE.

I am not going to be analyzing her any more than stating that “she was a good mother for her children”.

The rest of the children were starving and infant and childhood deaths were the highest (doctored down by statisticians) under her regime.

That led the ruthless JRJ to come to power and made mockery of our good old British Democratic practices.

He made a dragon called his constitution (no reference to the people or the subjects but only to politicians) which we are struggling to get rid of but still failing.
I hate referendums (in this country we need the sanction by the judiciary and a referendum to decide whether we use hand or toilet paper to wipe our bottoms after a void or leave it not wiped (smelly like our constitution) if one desires) and poor British and entire European countries are struggling now with this malady.
If I become the President (NEVER), the first thing I do is to have a referendum to get rid of all references to hold referendum n the constitution and abolish it in total (colossal waste, just wipe the bottom or leave it smelly, instead of pondering “to do or not to do” in Shakespearean style).

I was in UK when Mrs. Thatcher was at the helm.
Her nick name was Iron Lady.

I would have become a permanent citizen of United Kingdom (I had all the credentials), had she not been the PM and had the labour party was in power, then.

I was an admirer of labour party and its leaders then (certainly not the current bickering lot) and their, humane policies.
My vision not to stay in UK was a correct and long term perspective and I felt I would feel rotten in my retirement, if I did so.

Lot of my friends who stayed permanently express that view NOW especially to the horrid winter.
The third women Angela Merkel, which I have lot of respect, I have no exposure.

I had brief exposure to Helen Clark (then opposition labour leader) in New Zealand.

She later became the PM and she was one of those dedicated and down to earth (most of New Zealanders are) personalities.

She later took up Global Environmental issues for her activities. 
Come to think about it three becoming leaders in the near future baffles me.
Is it a coincidence?

Is it all bad luck for all male politicians?

My understanding as a yesteryear paediatrician, is all three are bad mothers and nannies were rocking the cradles for them to pursue a career in politics.

I have worked under a few single women in UK.

All of them were horrible except one.

I still wonder how I survived under their rule with no maternal instincts.

I think I give that credit to my mother who went through lot of pain without ever “we feeling it” as kids.

My final research work was related to mums and tiny babies.

That gives me some perspective in life and matters, other than politics.

Home comes first to me.

Below are few anecdotes and phrases.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Is the Hand That Rules the World

An Amazing Fact:
One cold winter in South Wales, a mother was traveling cross-country with her young babe and was caught in a blinding blizzard. The following day, upon learning she never reached her destination, a group of men went out searching for her. They soon spotted a large mound of snow in the road she was known to have traveled.
They quickly swept away the white powder and found the frozen body of the barely dressed woman. In her arms was a bundle of clothing, which they unwrapped to reveal her baby—alive.
In the struggle of the snowstorm, the woman had taken off most of her clothing and wrapped it around the little boy to keep him alive. She knew that she would perish, but that the baby might survive. The baby was David Lloyd George, who lived on to become the celebrated Prime Minister of Britain during World War I.
One of the reasons he achieved such greatness is that he never forgot about his mother’s love and sacrifice.