Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sri-Lankan Cricket, Going back to drawing board!

Sri-Lankan Cricket, Going back to drawing board!

I refrained from criticizing our cricket (not individual cricketers) until the current tour of UK was over.

That is for the cricketers on the field especially the so called young talent to prosper.

I have already criticized the administrators, worst of that kind to be elected under Hybrid Government under the name of Yaha Palanaya.

I never believed that the politician will rehabilitate.

I had a slight belief that we would be able to rehabilitate the administration.

Rest assured that will never happen under the current boss, except that the coffers will be emptied for anything but cricket.

They will do like what our recent banker evicted, who spent enormous money on suits.

American executive will spend Rs. 500,000 for a suit and will use five suits for a week, whereas an Indian counterpart will use all that money in improving his business skills, while wearing a simple Vetti.

The American in business suit will not achieve anything but contempt.

I repeat the idea was for the cricketers on the field especially the so called young talent to prosper.

I never believed any of them will fit in the footsteps of Roy Dias, Aravinda, Mavan, Mahela and Sanga.

All of them were hard workmen and believed in improving their skills.

Thankfully there was no IPL, then.

IPL was instituted to kill cricketing skills from a very young age.

They have succeeded in doing so.

That is why we do not have a single player of Test Caliber.

I am not interested in statistics (especially at local level).

What I am interested is the basic skills while enhancing the individual talents.

I am not interested in making young players in emulating old guys like Sanath.

I believe some players were selected for one and only one reason.

The fabricators while emulating old skills started killing their own talents.

This is where inputs from Mavan and Roy were important.

In particular “wristy” player like Mahela.

Gritty Mahanama and Gura stand up and delivering when chips were down were our trade marks.
Little Kalu did the dashing.

This did not happen under Angelo.

Above all under Angelo we were the worst fielders on the field.

None of them could match Dilshan in his old age.

Angelo now is a burnt out captain.

Keeping him after Australian visit is ominous for our cricket.

I suppose we have to go back to the drawing board.

I did not watch any games and I was spared of the agony our spectators felt.

Our cricketers are despised like (some of them come through back door political influence) our politicians now.