Monday, April 25, 2016

Colony of Sri-Lankans in the Moon

Colony of Sri-Lankans in the Moon
Lately, I have been inundated with dreams and wake up in sweat (not due to fear but probably due to the warm weather).

1.I get a free ticket to visit moon by a Sri-Lankan Moonite.

2. America has a colony built there for scientific investigation.

2. They have run short of money and auctioned a portion for earthlings for investment.

3. They needed gold for structural stability of installations.

Since moon’s gravity is one eighth of the earth, heavy metals were necessary for construction.

4. SriLankan family  with offshore investment volunteered.

5. I was called in since they needed a cheap space scientist.

6. I wanted to avoid this deal and was formulating ten (10) or more excuses.

Thankfully I was refused entry.

My conditions of contract were;

1. No religion to be established or monks to be taken there.

2. English to be the mode of communication.

3. The gold has to be fully accounted for.

4. No stock market in the moon.

5. Currency to be pounds and not dollars.

6. Clear everybody from mafiosi connections.

7. Clear everybody from political associations.

8. No media representatives.

9. Approval from the Constitutional Council.

10. No rice as food.

Good Advice for JVP

This was a very good comment for my piece on JVP. 

Good Advice for JVP

Yes, If JVP really wants to win hearts and minds of people it should;

1.Apologies for it's past sins

2. Cast away the past traces of disguised racism.

3. Respect the justifiable political aspirations of Tamils and Muslims.

4. Understand that the proletariat dictatorship type centrali ed regimes are out of date and regional autonomy for regionally concentrated ethnic groups is more conducive for social justice.

5.Remove the foolish and defensive anti-Indian mind set of old " Indian Expansionism.

6. Not be fear of learned people and resort for dialogue with them.

7.Be able to take correct and timely political decisions and enter in to strategic political alliances.

Be pragmatic and don't be too much obsessive about so-cold political purity.

8.Be receptive and understand the futility of empty theoretical arrogance.

Buddha and his Teaching

There is a bit of quibbling going on
Local papers.
Below is a succinct or simple account of Buddha.
Buddha and his Teaching
Buddha refuses to be dragged into theology (existence of god) and metaphysics (existence of eternal soul or extent of the universe, whether the universe is finite or infinite).
He also refuses to be engaged into rational or scientific inquiry of matter.
He was a teacher who introduced a simple and pragmatic way of life.
He lived that life himself.
He was an expert on simile to explain a practical problem of this life not eternal life.
Equally he was not a scholar of a philosopher in a technical sense.
He was in a way a sage but down to earth human.
He was an insightful teacher (cause of all human suffering) who believed that question of theology and complex philosophy confuse and distract from our search for human wisdom (whatever its meaning may be in Dhamma).
The approach to that wisdom is through meditation to remove the inbuilt defilements or wrong way of thinking.
It has to be practiced here and now without any delay and quibbling over unanswerable metaphysical claims or theological doctrines is redundant.