Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Reasons for Rejecting any favours for All the Religions in The Constitution Making

My Reasons for Rejecting any favours for All the Religions in The Constitution Making

This is not based on Rational thinking or Scientific reasoning.
Only common sense is involved.

The premise here has to be, let the Unborn be excluded and those who were long dead and gone be allowed to 'Rest in Peace' of not having any interference or engagementt with the living souls.

That is the bottom line for real FREEDOM for any soul in existence dead or alive or otherwise!

Let me dissect how religions operate.

For Christianity it is easy.
Creation of divine intervention is paramount.
That alone won't work wonders.

So they devise instruments of intervention.

1. Birth has to be registered by the priest.
The priest becomes the Registrar General.
Then he decides the Christan name.

2. This is reinvigorated at Baptism.

3. The most incorrigible institution is the Marriage Register kept at Churches.
One cannot have a wedding in the Church unless one fulfill all the dogmatic protocols.

The Registrar in turn becomes an authority.

I won't relate personal anecdotes here for brevity.

4. Then comes the burial site which one has to reserve in advance.

Incineration is not considered mandatory in spite of the population explosion and the earth surface is not enough to bury the current population without finding bones (souls) underneath.

What has happened to the Indian wisdom of putting ashes to the Ganga or the river so that when we drink water we live and drink with the old souls.

Come to Buddhist practice none of the above is applicable but thee is a subtle variation.
In Christianity the cast is spelt at the time of birth and carried to the death.
Incineration is accepted as a done thing.
This is not due to enlightenment.
They do not wish to set a portion of the family land as the burial ground.
It is simply due to greed for the land for the landed families.
There is lot more without apiece of land to live so, incineration was their birth right.

Buddhist monks grab them at the time of death with Pansa Kula.
I have my own view about it.

I think the Pansa Kula for it to be of any validity should be offered when the person is alive.

The person can actively participate and derive some inspiration for living if not the impending death.

My bone of contention is that the dead body cannot derive any benefit.

The time of offering can be any time from puberty to death (not when they are innocent kids or vegetables with dementia).

1. Then this Pansa Kula ritual does not stop.

2, Seven day Dhana.

3. Three months Dhana.

4. One year Dhana and so on it goes on.

There is no family without any death.
So the monks have a firm grip on every family.

In this country Buddhist monks are ordained according to the caste.

Buddha is one who spoke on behalf of all, not for a particular caste.

1. Coming to Tamils and Hindus high caste and low caste are ingrained in the religion.
The divine intervention is not impartial and democratic.

1. Less I speak about Muslim religion is better for my soul.
To start with there is a female circumcision.
I was one who did very few circumcisions on adults on medical grounds but never on a small kid.

To me performing it on a kid with no right to protest is inhuman.

The religion is patriarchal and does not understand the rights of women or a mother.
It is fundamentally against democracy for women.
The other vital political reason is their intolerance of other religion and Afghanistan is a case in point.
Their intolerance of idols of other religions which has the probable origin from Judaism where all the other idols (God in this case) except One God Idol is destroyed is a bizarre example.

If an Israelite goes to India he has nothing else to do except bashing all the god idols in India.

These are few of my reasons (INTOLERANCE in political level) that NO religion should be enshrined, in politics specially in a CONSTITUTION.

This was the biggest mistake we DID in 1972 where LSSP with the help of SLFP made the FIRST dent in old Westminster Style of governance.

They have to rectify this NOW.

There are many more issues.

1. One man one vote (No multiples it is the mockery JRJ introduced).

2. Division of electorates according to religion or ethnicity should be abolished.

3. Frequent elections (once in 4 years at least).

We can get rid of the bad ones with the drop of the hat!
New Zealand had elections once in three years, when I was there.

4. Eligibility for voting raised up to 20 plus (no politics in schools) till they finish advanced level examination.

5. Let everybody BE promoted to advanced level studies with option to change fields including IT to HELP SLOW DEVELOPERS.

6. No government official should stay in one position more than four years with regular transfers every four years.

7. In other words they should cover the entire length and breath of the country or resign without a pension, if they do not comply.

8. They should go though regular in service training.
This should be rigidly applied to doctors, bankers and engineers.

This PIECE should act as a stimulus for guys and girls providing ideas to the new constitution.

I have decided not to take part in making of the constitution BUT become very vocal ONLY when the draft of it is available for Public Scrutiny.

I am going to tear all the red herrings to pieces since my dealing with the public service including BANKS had enough SORE points to RUB.