Monday, December 19, 2016

Educating the “Political” Masses

Educating the “Political” Masses

This is an uphill task.

Our Media (Digital and Print) have failed in this task (Educating) since they always have a private and partisan agenda and cater for a few selected writers (Arm Chair Pundits-Naming them is inappropriate) to portray their ulterior motives.

The ONLY motive is to UP the sales by selling even FAKED NEWS (US an example but Ceylon in a subtle way).

The editors are actually dictators and never publish opposing views.

Both our Election in 2015 (everybody thought Ma Ra would win) and 2016 US election (Mrs.Clinton clear winner) showed how distant the journalists' were (in Air Conditioned rooms with Laptops).

This is the very reason I believe “Citizen Bureaus” without political alignment have a BIG role to play in educating the masses politically.

In that sense I am all for Victor Ivan’s efforts.

I have few disagreements with his views but that should not make me to underrate or undermine his efforts.

According to his views the sale of "Ravaya" was less than 50,000 per issue (to make it economically viable).

That DISTRIBUTION statistics won’t make a dent in the electorate (not even among the Ravaya Readers) since average reader reads a political paper only near an election (I am an example).

A paper (specially Sunday Paper) should have many articles to cover all the readers.

Good example is the (American) Readers Digest (now published in India) I used to read as a kid (with difficulty).

Reading and digestion of material is the food for the mind, even for an average reader.

That is why people buy the Sunday Papers reflexively (I do not since very few articles to entice me).

My interests are on technology including Linux, Alien Visitations and Nature (currently birds).

I have over 4000 books (some of the books NOT even the University or the Public Libraries possess) covering many topics including Philosophy.

Only way to upgrade one’s knowledge base is to read books (not local Papers) either your own or borrow from a reputable library.

In this country, since the government gives free books (I believe that is the very reason for very poor knowledge base of our teachers and school children) even the undergraduates DO NOT read books outside their academic fields, at least books on fiction.

So upgrading education is a very personal issue and local papers (it is not their pejorative anyway) come nowhere near the need of the masses.

Coming back to educating masses politically, papers role is marginal.

The reader hangs onto his or her prejudices and the paper facilitates that.

Nothing more.

Having, Open Discussion Forums, at least once a month is a better way to educate or entice the soul.

There is participation.

People (not me) love social engagements.

Reading a paper or book is, bit of a personal obsession. 
Just like browsing the Internet with little impact on education.

Editorial writing (it is in the same boat) is an obsession, the editors have to go through every publication.

I do not read them now.

I prefer food for thought instead.

We have at least 3 years before the next election when the slumbering politicians wake up to the reality (incompetence).

I think “Citizen Forums” should be a way forward to discourage apathy in the public.

We must not leave it to Victor Ivan alone.

He has done enough but others should follow suite or help him to enlarge the “Sphere of Activity”.

Kandy gathering should be taken into account with that in mind.

Success comes with perseverance.

That is what is lacking in us.
We have to starve the politicians with ideas (except racism, religion and caste system) come next election.

We must make racism, religion and caste system not the valid currency by next election but the "Enlightenment should be the Goal".

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