Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kusal or the Merits

Kusal or the Merits

This has nothing to do with Dhamma.

This is all about names of our cricketers.

Let me deal with my origin and first few words, I hear in my life were Kakki, Kakka, Kaputa and Kunu Harupa.
I never heard about Kusal and Akusal when I was a kid.
It is strange our cricketers are born with Kusal and not a single one is born with Akusal.

To me Kusal is a century scored or Akusal is gone for a duck.

Bangladeshi team does not have a single Kusal but they beat England and English team has no Akusal guys but lost to Bangladesh.

There is no Kusal and Akusal in cricket but the score under your name matters.

In this sense Thrimanne is born with Kusal but at the center his performances are Akusal at eve  A team level.

But he finds a way to come to the team by Kusal he has done in his previous life.

I have never seen a monk with the name of Kusal or Dhaham, knowng very well they cannot be 100% (all Ceylonese monks by the way) Kusal and Dhaham label for a monk.
They always take the name of the village they spread their authority which is dead against Dhamma which Buddha sought.

Buddha never had a fix aboard.

Our astrologers are gone bonkers giving these names to kids breast feeding.

They kids ought to be given names they love to hear.

Our parents are also gone bonkers.

There was a time I thought (under Ma Ra) that Ceylonese team almost becoming Buddhist Team.

There are no Tamils or Muslim or Burgher cricketers in the team currently.
I think they do not play cricket NOW. 

I hate anybody who displays his or her religion by name or Thoppi or Rewla or Sil Redda.

It borders around political display.

I never like to sit in a bus with guy/ girl who display his racial or religious orientation.

Why can't we be Ceylonese?
I hate Siri Lanka too mainly there is a party by that name.
It is far better make it Sir Lanka.
I saw in the Queens Hotel Kandy, all the hospitality service guys/gals use Sir liberally.

One can change the name given by making a simple entry to that effect and make an advertisement in the paper stating that it has no legal implication to any living or dead soul.
I had to do that myself since my father, school principal or the registrar of the University made numerous mistakes in recording my name.
Sotti Upali and Wele Suda, Weera Wansa, JVP and LTTE thrive on this legal facility.

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