Thursday, November 24, 2016

Is IOT (Internet of Things) is a Sewer?

Is IOT (Internet of Things) is a Sewer?

I am afraid, YES is the answer.

One who has been interested in Computing to begin with, easy Communication, the second and Social Networking, the Ultimate Goal, has come to that conclusion.

That reality is a painful.

Let me dish out the latest “Faked News Ordeal” the Americans had to deal with.

Then the ISIS is using its for War Mongering and terrorism is that end of the Sewer Politics.

A man or woman hiding behind the a Computer Box and hiding behind the Technology is a coward.

Before guns the men in battle used swords and armour and the duel was intense and sometimes fatal to both parties.

Then the guns and the artillery took over and ultimately the Robot and aerial surveillance by drones (UAV, Unmanned Ariel Surveillance).

I am one who believes the ETS (extraterrestrials) had been doing it for millions of years, Alien Air crafts (AAS) well before the evolution of man on this planet.

I also believe that man is in the possession of these alien technology (Americans and Russians) at least at primitive level and the WWIII is total annihilation.

With Trump coming into politics without Total Military Discipline, that is a real possibility and his actions with North Korea would be a IOT to watch.

Current UNO human philosophy is hit first and talk later.
Alien philosophy (if they really exist) is talk first and Controlled Retaliation NOT annihilation.

I have diverted a bit but IOT belongs to all civilizations earthly and beyond.

Real reason for writing this is to investigate the use of Wireless technology against the Ethernet (including fiber-optics).

I believe in the Wired World (I am not in a spaceship mind you) instead of the Wireless World for safety.

If Wireless, I believe in Holography (my physical presence cannot be verified but could be technologically) since my existence is a chance phenomenon not a reality when I kicked the bucket.

So I want to leave behind a glimpse of my worldly existence in the IOT not physically BUT electronically, especially when a kid with terminal illness has volunteered for Cryopreservation.

I have no worry about Cryopreservation of plant material with the impending Sixth Extinction but none of my tissues should be preserved (I am a pathologist who is good at it) in posterity and they should be incinerated in total.

My tissue existence does nothing to this planet when I am gone (it should be recirculated according to Ancient Indian (not current Indian doctors', philosophy,the Money) Philosophy.

Since this is about IOT I should leave behind few tips for the yuppies.

1. Even though, cellphone is the vogue, it is really a vulnerable device.

2. Since it may not have an Physical IP Address, it can be used for clandestine operations (This is a warning for young lovers. Do not have a live affair over the phone. It can be traced by the third but unwanted parties including government) including ISIS.

3. It can be used to trigger an incendiary device remotely. Owner is traced he/she goes to prison.
So do not leave your phone unattended.
Better do not have a phone.

4. If you automate your house, the next generation of robbers will use it to open your door for them.

See the film “In the line of fire / duty”.

The list can go up to 20 but let me stop here and say;

1. Use a computer for communication for your safety even if you are not a criminal.
It leaves behind a history and YOU can defend, if you have a very strong password.

2. Have a strong password.

3. If you are not using it, switch it off immediately.
Besides it is an environmentally sound ploy.

4. Your Keyboard is a vulnerable device.
Every Key YOU touch can be traced from behind the Internet.

There is an algorithm for this tracing but it needs time to decipher.

So if you leave your computer running and doing something else, then YOU give the Hacker the most important doorway, the TIME to decipher.

Better use a virtual keyboard if you are paranoid.

5. Treat the computer as part of your digital extension.
Do not allow friends to use it.
Even husband and wife can become enemies.
My advice is to have two computers for the parents and one more common ONE for the kids (not in their bedrooms.

6. One more thing, with SOLID and Terra-bytes hardware in existence. have minimal of dual booting (Windows with Linux, Apple with Linux).
If one system goes the other is FREELY available for use. 
I go bit paranoid, have many operating systems in 32 and 64 bits architectures.
My 32 bit one is still doing the donkey work bit slow (I like it in my old age, with arthritic fingers-over use of the keyboard).
The reason is hardware can breakdown.
The fan in my new computer broke down and I have to replace the entire casing since the fan is riveted to the frame (silly isn't it?). 

The bottom line is Mrs. Clinton unfortunately lost her career because of her Digital Stupidity.

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