Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Count Down

Count Down

This is not a final note but a count down.
I have almost dropped political messages.
Given a rest period for religion and science.
Science, what I call the New Science is totally new ball game.
They are fast moving away from Einstein's theories and one need to understand pure physics to move into that domain.
I have no intention of any dialogue in physics but keep a keen interest in nature and extraterrestrials.
I have the gut feeling soon after the American election, somebody most likely President Putin will declare the existence and contact with aliens.
That will stir the conscience of all religions and I have indicated that in my book “Conspiracies in Religion, Politics and Science”.
If you are interested just follow Dr. Steven Greer.
Since I have dropped all leading context of Religion, Politics and Science, the only thing that is left for me is “Mother Nature” which is going through its Sixth Extinction.
Nature reciprocated kindness with kind abundance before the beginning of the Sixth Extinction but not anymore.
Man is the most destructive creature on this planet unless we begin to redeem what is already lost which is an uphill task.
I wonder why Buddha (he was by birth friendly to environment) never uttered anything on mother nature.

Why only Animals important in Buddhism not Plants?

Without plants animals cannot survive from diatom to algae.

I am just trying to fill the void.

Thee was unusual activity of birds including eagles (two young ones) in our neighborhood.
It is nice to wake up to their songs especially the Kokilayas (coucal)!

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