Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why I am against Electronic Elections=US Elections

Why I am against Electronic Elections = US Elections

President Putin is an ex-KBG guy who knows how to fiddle with foreign affairs.
He is crafty but he will leave behind electronic traces in spite of the Zombie attacks.
This is why I am against Electronic Elections.
Data can be manipulated at the data entry level.
It is possible to erase the evidence of tampering.
This I called the software.
The HARDWARE is the physical ballot paper that should be retained for scrutiny.
I think American Electronic Election Commission should take advice from our former Commissioner of Election (at least as an observer if not an adviser) Mahinda Deshapriya who did a yeoman service under tremendous pressure.
He was ready to give order to shoot above the knee if anybody tries to tamper with the voting.
That worked in Ceylon where there is a big mafiosi dealing with illegal baby elephant trade.


Vladimir Putin's Russia: Will It Rock America's Vote?

No He cannot in a democracy.

Why some cyber analysts fear Kremlin hackers can destroy Americans' faith in elections.

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