Monday, October 3, 2016

VAT, can we make it Two Tier System?

VAT, can we make it Two Tier System?
I am writing this with an end user (Linux terminology) or the customer in mind.
When I purchase something I need to know what its value at the harbour (import value- say 10%) and what value was added (transport, packing and customization-say 5%).
For example if it is bar of chocolates, since I do not eat the wrapper, I am not interested in the customization (no value added by the way), I want the bar delivered to me in hygienic condition (that's what matters) so I can enjoy the chocolates and have a guess how much the retailer is profiting.

Give you another example, I bought two cheese sandwiches (value added to the bland bread piece) one for the dog and one for me. 
The imported cheese had gone putrid (unfortunately I did not smell it) and I put both in the dustbin having realized the stupidity of mine.
This is a reputed retail outlet in Kandy and I have a saying that if this happens to you do not complain (we have gone incorrigible) but wilfully stomach it since next time they will “dish you a real poison”.
That is the state of Sri-Lankan polity, after nearly 70 years of freedom.
There is nothing called customer service if YOU visit a government institute.
The commercial institutes are taking a cue from the good lords the government service.

Imagine this happens in a government hospital (they do not care) or a private nursing home (they will take all the wilful acts to hide their mistakes).
Mind you, I have worked in both types of institutes, in my career and I wish not to be in either but die peacefully at home.
I do not work now, so I am free to voice my opinion.
Coming back to VAT out finance minister does not have any understanding of how the sales outlet works in this country.

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