Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mati Olu, Mada Oolu and Nutcracker

Mati Olu Mada Oolu and Nutcracker

We have Mati Olu (nut filled with mud or cow dung) pumped in Hate in both Political camps and the Racial divide.

They thrive on hate.

We do not have nut cracker visionaries in all our religions.
They just do the opposite of a true visionary does, leading the way.
Some deal with baby elephants.
Some deals with glyphosphate.
Some deals with ultra-hate.

We do not have Ko, Ko (go look for a ?solutions) nuts looking for vision.

Our coconuts have gone up in prices, though.

We need to rise above petty divisions like a Oolu/Nelum Flowers on muddy ditch.

We are still in a deep ditch of confusion and suspect.

Can we overcome our antipathy at this juncture?

I feel like becoming a crackerjack (not the American junk sweet) of British TV of yesteryear.

Finding a suitable crackerjack partner to laugh together is found wanting.

We as a nation has lost the ability to laugh after 35 odd years of war.

They say laughter is the best medicine.

We need lot more comedians now peace has dawned.

One of those we had said Good Bye.
This is dedicated to Vijaya Nandasiri

This is the little note at WikiPedia.
"Maname" is not mentioned.
Needs editing with substance.

Ilukpitiya Mudiyanselage Vijaya Nandasiri 
(6 May 1944/1947 – 8 August 2016) was a Sri Lankan dramatist and actor.
Considered a leading dramatist in Sri Lankan cinema, he was also a singer and producer.
He had a varied career beginning in theater and extending into film as a dramatic actor; his most recent roles were steeped in comedy and include credits in Sinhala sitcoms like Nonawaruni Mahathwaruni, Ethuma and Kathura.

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