Friday, October 21, 2016

Internet Alert-Digital Alert

Internet Alert-Digital Alert

Pre-Cristmas Period is the time when hackers are very active.
They are phishing on your email accounts and specially transactions.
In seconds they use YOU as a Zombie and plunder your resources.
Do not believe any digital transactions including banks.
The banks will be their target NEXT.
Amazon is attacked (they do not accept it).
I alerted them and changed my passwords with them immediately.
I am not sure even that the new password is hacked.
Amazon has blocked all incoming emails.
You cannot reach them.
I do not know who is doing it and even if they pay me, I won't be investigating.
Few suggestions.

1. If you have only one email stop using it or use sparingly.

2. Moment the things are back to normal (most probably after the US Elections) open a second email.
This is necessary to change passwords.

3. Please do not try to open a new email, that surely be a target.

4. Do not use Internet for mission critical work.

5. Mobiles (Androids) are hacked (including tablets) almost on daily basis.

6. Even the Laptops can be hacked.

7. Best is wired connection not wireless.
Wireless is the easiest to hack.
Even an Engineering third year student can do it.

8. Internet has become a vicious place with KGB, CIA and MI6 are eavesdropping on YOU.

9. I was telling to myself, year ago, I am going digitally ZERO, just to take the stress of (including eye strain and typos) digitalizing my ideas but never accomplish it.
I am addicted to the Internet.

10. I even wanted to digtalized all my cassettes but never could order hardware(Amazon does not trust Ceylon).

11. I may have to go digitally ZERO, for fault of mine but the Internet itself becoming a Corrupt Institute.

12. I'll be enjoying the mother nature with lot of birds and butterflies around.
No bees though.

Please not this is not scare Mongering but real.
During Christmas your spirits are high and you tend to relax in your security.
This is a normal tendency on holidays abroad for me.
I hope they won't steal your digital Airline Ticket.
That is a possibility, though including no space in the airline for you and your family.
This a Crazy Period.
I hope nobody ends up with a heart attack. 

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