Thursday, October 20, 2016

How to Avoid Writer's Block

How to Avoid Writer's Block

This is not a an academic exercise but a random revelation.

First of all let me tell why you get this “Thought Block”.

Human beings are extremely selfish and they live in the “I and My World”.

So we worry about what I have to do toady or what I have to write today.

That itself is a stressful situation that blocks the creative side of the brain.

One has to culture the mental attitude to get out of this “I World” and then reach to the “Other World” including the mother nature.

I think religions originated due to this need and to fill this void.

Unfortunately, all the religions do the exact opposite and have grandiose expansion mentality and forget the locality the live in and try to become globalized.

Once you get of the I world, you start thinking about your friend, spouse, the dog and then the neighbour.

I can remember when I was attending to Rev.Narada Maha Thera briefly in Colombo General Hospital, he had this lovely ending of the unfortunate (for him) encounter by saying;

“What can I do for you, doctor” (giving undue regards to me).

I say;

“Teach me Dhamma” and the conversation broadens.

This comes from the Buddha's tradition where he gets up early in the morning and scan the world around him, with his “Wisdom Mind or the Penetrating Mind” and decide whom to help.

Now there is a caveat here which I found very taxing in New Zealand.

On my night duty, I never got a chance to sleep and when I checked the statistics of the other guys on duty at night hardly any calls after midnight.

My fellow guys somehow pass buck to the next guy or me.

The words got round in the town, when I was on call one has “only one visit” not several stopovers like the budget air travel.

New Zealandrs are such nice guys and gals, I took that a compliment and never wavered in my capacity to help those in need of help.

But I do it to present day but ONLY mentally never verbally, since Ceylonese, the laziest on this planet would take undue advantage of me. 
I pretend to be a sick person mentally giving wrong advice by default (ask for 10th opinion and the like, as an advice-Ceylonese love it because of their genetic lack of will and procrastination).

Unfortunately my wife still does it and she has to attend to all the Gamsabha Work” not done by the Yaha Palanya Government (Good Governance”.

She is away “Gamsabha Work” and I am having a light day.
I hate cooking and do the “Poya Starving” right now.

I wish somebody visits us to open a wine bottle (he does have to bring one).
Regards to the ideas of writing if you take others in your life there are insects that annoy you or bees that gives you honey or plants that flower to entice you.
There is lot more in this world than "Selfish Is".

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