Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Constipation and Global Warming

Constipation and Global Warming

I got the urge to write this having read a Ceylonese daily article in English.

Lest I get constipated, if I do not pen this blog piece down.

I am not constipated but my dog is.

He drinks a lot but little at a time.

He has tiny stomach unlike our pot bellied politicians.

I contribute his predicament to Global Warming!

When I listen to the two Presidential aspirants of USA, I come to the conclusion that both of them are emotionally constipated.

No substance in them specially like the population explosion (migration and birth), global poverty, mass migration as economic refugees and especially global warming and scarcity of drinking water.

They do not have an answer to the an average naturalized Americana's quagmire.

Why did I come here?

Coming back to Ceylon, if a person (not a politician) utter the word reconciliation in a TV live program, the entire population get constipated.

That is not related to global warming.

In the case of politician, if he/she utters this word reconciliation, the entire parliament have verbal, emotional and biological diarrhoea (I contribute it to the poison in cholera cereus in our RICE).

That includes the secretary to the parliament and he forgets to enter the comments in the hanzard or the speaker deletes them by default if included.

Not related our politics but it in our genes and one young Ceylonese guy (Web Maniac) has attacked the Presidential Decree.

This was a comment I made under password making.

My methods are extravagant.

If a guy cracks my password I will recruit him as my security dog.

It was the other day guy attempted to intrude Amazon and my dashboard with them.

The other problem is remembering the crooked password.

But the bottom line is KGB, MI6 and CIA control the Major Utilities with MACROS to report back.
We have become suckers.

Best option available is to stay away from the WEB or become a hacker for life.

I will search my blog post and update it if necessary.

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