Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Baby Killers

Baby Killers

I have many stories about baby killers from parents, nurses and even doctors and probably hired killers.

Recently a baby was sold for Rs.2500/= and this story was related to me and I stopped him and said, I have seen it enough and I do not want another story.

Probably this baby ended up in Colombo at an organ transplant unit in pieces.

The intention of this writing is to expose the other side of it.

If somebody who is totally innocent (parents, nurses and even doctors) is charged, the devastation it causes is nothing compared to the real killer getting bail and legal protection.

So I have one suggestion to avoid this scenario in hospitals.

Babies (neonates) should be protected by 24 hour video surveillance at least with three cameras form three different angles.

This might prove a deterrent and may help to solve disputed cases.

Innocent accused also need legal protection, especially when the legal system, as it is in this country is so corrupt.

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