Monday, August 22, 2016

How to help UFO Guys/Girls/Forums

How to help UFO Guys/Girls/Forums

With the the form of rigidity from those having power and hard to get information one has to become proactive.

The rigidity has led to many untoward outcomes. 

With the secret service operating with such stubbornness some of these guys/girls look for revelation gives into pressure and give up without a fight.

The minority who persevere are frustrated to the core.

They turn their frustration to form pressure groups. Often these pressure groups have few active members.
They are handicapped by lack of resources.

One has to use one’s pocket money.
The Internet have been very important for these pressure groups in organizing even international symposiums.

There is a downside too.
They go on publish books and some of these books are turned into films.

Facts often become fiction.

Some of them get rich but many become poor.

Often families break down and divorce ensues.

Initial enthusiasm wanes and the project comes to a standstill.

This is where one has to come forward and pump in money (donations) and jump start the stalled engine of inquiry. 

These smart people do not wish to beg. 
So it is imperative that when one is in a break point help him or her in kindness and resources.

Minimum one should do is to give them publicity by distributing their videos and CD/DVDs.

 At least make their Wikipedia presence colourful.

I have picked up few of these smart ones, I admire from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is doing a great job by making their presence felt world wide..

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