Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why the decadence?


Why the decadence?

We have gone from basic good and bad moral concepts to to decadence.
I have very a simple answer.
It is the selfishness of the majority.
Nobody stands up for justice.
This is a malady that comes after 3 decades of war and killing. As long as one who was killed is not in one’s particular group (ethnicity), an average citizen looked the other way, adoring the killing machine.
The life is only a private affair and spend millions (10 million for a politician’s leg) for self propagation. Rest should go to the government hospital and wait in the queue.

What contribution the religion has made?

We are supposed to have four of the best religions in this country, yet we had war over 30 years and five years after ending the war nobody speaks about reconciliation.
War in politics is marketable but peace has no market value for politicians.
But the average citizen loves peace.
The religion does not contribute to peace bur war, Middle East in Crisis, an example.
It may filter down here.
Is better without a religion?
For any want of better ideas my  philosophical tenet is that the world in historical sense (Bible War) and current sustenance, a country without a religion is where I want to be.
I cannot wait till I go to heaven.
I want to live today, not for tomorrow!

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