Thursday, July 21, 2016

Awakening or just more of the Old Ways

Awakening or just more of the Old Ways
Dawn of the new millennium aroused lot of interests but delivered practically nothing.

It looks like more of the old ways but lot of media hype in the Internet.

Let me analyze the last century in my own way.
This is based on my hypothesis that the universe is wast and there is enormous possibility of life elsewhere.

Man is not the only or the supreme being.

Far less but there is possibility of beings of superior intellect.

They may have even visited us and that knowledge was suppressed by design.
I would expand on this later but let me dispense the past century.
1. It was a century where knowledge was classified and dished out only in “need to know basis”.
2. Religion was elevated to a higher level which it did not deserve.

Now it has culminated in mania as seen in IS.

3. Expansion of science was suppressed by default and only dished out “need to know basis”.

5. This paranoia was built in since the discovery of lethal nuclear weapons was made and was used in World War II.

My hypothesis (on events in my life history without verifications) on UFOs.

1.World War II bombing.

2.Alien visitors in 1947, two years after to investigate.
That I believe the time it takes for the nearest aliens to reach us.

3. Encounters with US and Russian pilots not disclosed.

4. Alien abductions.

5. Truce (detente) with Russia and US militarily.

6. Technology transfer (assuming them of advanced knowledge and technology) from aliens.

7. Release of UFO files (blue book) after 70 year lapse.

8. Existence of Area 51

9. Proliferation of films including “Close Encounters'

10 New films Signals, Alien Abduction, Site 51.

Mystery of Aliens

Fact or Fiction?
The release of some of the documents relating to project “Blue Book” has made little contribution to unravel the mystery.

Glasnost or relax of detente has some relationship with Alien contacts.

All American presidents from (including Kennedy) Ronald Reagen to present presidents have mentioned about aliens at least indirectly.

Russians president Leonid Brezhnev corporation with USA has something to do with Alien spaceships.

The knowledge of all the investigations in Russia are with secret service

It started in 1947 but after 70 years the public knows very little.

The whole story about transparency is shrouded in mystery.

Now let me dissect the outcomes.

1. Area 51 does exist.

2. Abductions (not necessarily by aliens) did occur.

3. Young souls with bizarre disorientation were found.

4. Cold war did materialize.

5. Day of the Jackal was on.

6. JFK was assassinated.

7. Parallel government including FBI remain to be seen.

Who calls the shot is unknown to present day.

Since the facts are hidden in “need to know “or classified basis, and am I none the wiser after dig into history of events, I have the right to analyze the event my own way.

I have no documentary proofs since I am far away from the scene of occurrence.

1. Gut Analysis.

On the pretext of no aliens.
Area 51 or Site 51 was a high security zone.
Lot of secret activities did happen.
Abductions including spies were in their possession.
This is the period when ecstasy drugs were discovered and were made.
The investigation of paranormal effects and brain washing were attempted, mainly for clandestine activities and secret service.
Young subjects went through hell and they never recovered from the psychological ordeal.
They had to invent alien abductions.
Then JFK was assassinated.
There was a possibility of FBI instigation or far right involvement.
JFK wanted the files of aliens or the blue book but he never had them.
He was suspicious and was eliminated.
I think I need not go any further than stating there was another parallel administration.
Edgar Hoover did established FBI but could not prevent JFK assassination.
I did see all the films (as a prelude) JFK, JEH and the alien films but I could not find the nuts and bolts in them.
My conspiracy theory has a scientific validity.

2. Putative Hypothesis
Aliens did land and abductions did happen.

This is the one I prefer,even though not proven scientifically.
Now the “Blue Book” is out but no details.
There is a caveat here.

Why delay of 70 years?

The simple answer the FBI would give is that it would cause a religious upheaval.

The world was not ready to denounce “God Theory”.
My analysis is, "it is a Generation Gap".
Those subjected to psychological ordeals are old and in the age of dementia and no threat to the covert operations.

Seventy years is a hell of a lot of time for technological transfer from aliens.

Only valid theory for Russia and USA to cooperate in space program and denente can be seen as alien threat to mother earth.
Beyond that I am unable surmise.

3. None of the above theories

If none of the above what is the scientific proxy?
With the dawn of this century what I wished for is scientific answers.

I do not want more of the old.
I do not want mighty god or his creation.
New entry into dissemination of knowledge not classified or “no need” to know basis is necessary.

It will be the answer for the current Muslim Mania and IS activities, too.

Are we ready?

I believe majority are.

Problem is we have not initiated it or invested on it.

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