Monday, June 27, 2016

Mystery of Aliens

Mystery of Aliens

Fact or Fiction?

The release of some of the documents relating to project “Blue Book” has made little contribution to unravel the mystery.
Glasnost or relax of detente has some relationship with Alien contacts.
All American presidents from (including Kennedy) Ronald Reagen to present presidents have mentioned about aliens at least indirectly.
Russians president Leonid Brezhnev corporation with USA has something to do with Alien spaceships.
The knowledge of all the investigations in Russia are with secret service
It started in 1947 but after 70 years the public knows very little.
The whole story about transparency is shrouded in mystery.

There are three films one should see to unravel the mystery.
1. Signals
2. Alien Abduction
3. Site 51

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