Monday, June 13, 2016

Country / Society without Explosives

Country / Society without Explosives
Below is a piece I wrote five months ago.
Strangely, the local paper published it (probably by accident).
I send my blog pieces almost involuntarily to all the editors I know, knowing very well most my writing are vetted for no reason.
The fact the very existence of this blog post is living monument to the failure of national papers (except perhaps Ravaya and we had to wake up the slumbering editors of Ravaya and make a hat collection to prop it up- my main interest for a decade was plight of our elephants, especially babies which was a commodity for a racket originated from the top to monks to mafia to politicians under Ma Ra Ya regime now ousted) to expose corruption at all levels.
It is common knowledge some electronic media and local papers are run by ill gotten money from drugs, to firearms to illegal baby elephants trade-the Triad, I call it.
Its sister paper in Sinhala is known for inciting and inflating racism in the name of the Nation.
Whose nation is a big question.
I believe the weather gods (lightening) or firearm display by the soldiers ignited the catastrophe in Salawa-Sri-Lanka.
This dump was kept secret from public eye by authorities.
The current happening is the end result of American Gun Lobby in both Democratic and Republic camps.
They never believed in home grown terrorism.
We are a country totally against terrorism, in what form it comes does not matter, be that it may be religion, skin color (white against blacks), racism, sexual orientation, nation, territory.
We sympathize with American civilians (not American policy) who cannot enjoy a night out at a bar for all.
We went though this for 35 long years or more.
There was nobody to help us except Pakistan (a Muslim nation against terrorism).
Indian politics and Indira (RAW) were accessories.
That is why we never (sorry my good Indian friends- your politicians are corrupt more than ours) believe an Indian on our soil.
So I have to revisit this piece and rename “Country / Society without Explosives”, with Russia aiming to become the super power again with nuclear explosives and Iran under its fold.

Firearm Free Society

It is appropriate to revisit the JVP and LTTE.

Not of their achievements but impact they had made in gun industry.

Before JVP almost all the landowners had a registered gun or rifle.

Government withdrew all the licenses as a result.

But LTTE with the help of RAW took up arms.

After a big battle they were unarmed.

Imagine if we did not have both those in our history.

We would be like America.

Police officers getting killed while on duty.

Come April we would have firearm incidents unprecedented in this part of the world.

Only defense officers can carry firearms.

In spite of this we have local mafia carrying illegal fire arms.

We must search and destroy all firearms not belonging to the defense forces.

Recent incident in the North is and eyeopener.

They say history repeats.

That is if we are not vigilant.

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