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12 countries with women leaders before America

? 11 countries with women leaders before America

Below is a summary of female leaders in Asia who created havoc and misery for South East Asia.

Americans should be mindful when electing a Female Head of State.

Including Golder Meir, all were war mongers.
I wonder why Middle East countries never elect a female leader.
There was an article by the above title.
It should read as 12 countries.
The author missed the first and most ruthless, only second to Indira.
I'll be brief.

Indira trained the LTTE to undermine Sri-Lanka (to help Sirima against JRJ) with the help of RAW.
Not only her, her son had to pay the ultimate price.

Coming to Sirima, she was not elected but came as a Senate Member.

It was a Buddhist monk who killed her husband.

Somarama was sent to prison and ?executed but Buddha Rakkita (name says he protects Buddha but not politicians) did all the conspiracy.

Buudha Rakkita was living with one of the female ministers of the cabinet of SWRD.
Her term (Sirima) in 1970 was the worst in our history.

Children died like house flies (my records were destroyed by the then government) in large numbers some of them had ZERO CSF Sugar (that was the reason for destroying my records).

The LSSP N.M.Perera was the Finance Minister, had his name on the Hodi Potha (first Kindergarten Book- that is why I hate FREE government books).
Then in 1977 our first dictator was born.

SLFP had to be in hibernation for 17 years (it was called the Curse of 17 years).

Thankfully, I was abroad in UK most of the time and Lady Thatcher was the PM.
Less I speak of her better except sinking the Belgrano and Falkland war.

Our Union had meeting with JRJ and got the Compulsory Service (only for doctors had to work six years, including internship) null and void.

SLFP is the worse party this country had and never came into power on its own.
1994 was an aberration but SLFP did not have a credible or lasting majority.
Ranil ousted it (another conspiracy).

Sirima on wheel chair without a clout in politics became the PM for the third time.
Utter waste of public money.

Chandrika promised to abolish the presidency but never did that.

Current president too promised to abolish his post.

Then we had the second dictator after she left.

He wanted the post for himself for life and his family members afterwards.

We got rid of him but he is marking his time with all the conspiracies with Bodu Bala Sena (repetition of Somara Strategy) behind him.

I called it the 21 years under Curse (of 21 years).

How can we say our voters had any say?

We were a stupid nation fighting an ethnic war over 35 or more years.

The current constitution making will also be a waste of public money without Rev. Sobitha.

Our doctors got rid of him by wrong and mismanagement of his illness.

Missed Character (12th) in Politics.
She will be 100 this year if she lived without god's blessing!
Sirima Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike (Sinhalese: සිරිමා රත්වත්තේ ඩයස් බණ්ඩාරනායක, Tamil: சிறிமா ரத்வத்தே டயஸ் பண்டாரநாயக்கே; 17 April 1916 – 10 October 2000), commonly known as Sirimavo Bandaranaike (the suffix "vo" denotes respect), was a Sri Lankan stateswoman and politician and the modern world's first female head of government
She served as Prime Minister of Ceylon and Sri Lanka three times, 1960–65, 1970–77 and 1994–2000, and was a long-time leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.
Bandaranaike was the widow of a previous Sri Lankan prime minister, Solomon Bandaranaike, and the mother of Sri Lanka's fourth Executive President, Chandrika Kumaratunga, as well as Anura Bandaranaike, former speaker and cabinet minister.

Anura was a man of principles unlike his sister.

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