Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Worst Airport in the World

Why ex-president was invited there was a moot point to address by our journalists!

No. 1 Worst Airport in the World

Port Harcourt International Airport, Nigeria

There’s almost no seating in this facility, and a tent serves as an arrivals hall. You also won’t find any air conditioning. Recent renovations do mean that some areas will have actual walls and windows, but the unhelpful staff is what earns Port Harcourt the No. 1 worst airport in the world this year.
“This has to be the most corrupt airport in the world. ‘Bring money’ as they say in PH. It’s a standing joke,” one respondent attested.
In the days following SleepingInAirport’s results, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria and the country’s House of Representatives both took action. The FAAN contested the rating, saying much of the airport was still under construction. But the country has poured 400 billion naira (about $2 billion USD) into improving airport infrastructure across the nation, including at Port Harcourt. The abysmal ranking prompted an investigation to see if the money has been used properly to update facilities.
Time will tell if it’s enough to remove Port Harcourt from the list in 2016.

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