Monday, May 23, 2016

Outcomes and Interventions

Outcomes and Interventions

My observation of the response of a doctor, scientist and a religious convert to a given human problem goes like this.
The context is a patient / client (in the modern world the client is the better term) with cancer or leukemia.
In brief;
1. Doctor with the connivance of the pharmaceutical companies would use all his skills to sell all the putative drugs never tested properly in clinical trials.
The goal is to become rich or cover expenses in research.

2. A Buddhist won't do anything but let the Karma of previous birth takes it due course.

3. A Christian or a Muslim would beg mercy at the foot of their respective gods.
They never blame the the God the Creator's blemishes in his or her creation.
I do not know whether the god is an eunuch or without sex.
All gods I know are homosexuals.

4. The scientist would try to investigate the cause or the origin of the underlying pathology of the cancer all his life and die prematurely or commit suicide, failing to arrest the malady.

5. A true human being would try to do what he or she can do on the present moment to relieve the agony of the subject.
Good dose of morphine would send the patient to heaven in this life instantaneously in this world (if there is one after the after life, it is too late).
Who says addictive drugs have no potential.
This is is why Obama and his advisors are trying to make abusive drugs available over the counter, under the pretext of empathy.

The problem in the current world is that the one who tries be the purist tries to be a doctor, scientist and a religious preacher one and the same time and intervene too late (Global warming is a case in point) in the development of the malady.

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